Exclusive Single Premiere: Strangely Enough “Are You More?” (2021)

Strangely Enough

Multi-instrumentalist Strangely Enough, the moniker for Greg Olley is about to release his latest vividly sonic track, “Are You More?”, and we are delighted to have the premiere of it, ahead of its release on Friday.

Strangely Enough is about to release his debut EP, Stories You Tell Yourself (out June 18). He has trickle-fed a trio of high-quality tracks since his debut as this solo project in 2017. His previous single, “Long Time Coming” was released in March 2020.

“Are You More?” has a captivatingly intense feeling to it. Olleys soaring vocals and driving percussions keep it upbeat, an interesting juxtaposition to the larger-world questions pondered by the singer.

Olley explains the background to the song, “This song started off being about climate change; a reflection on how easy it is to just not think about it but all the while knowing that your actions are contributing to this looming existential threat. As I was writing it the world went through multiple crises of our own making: racism, sexism, mass extinction, all of which are ongoing. I began to wonder how this time and my generation would be looked back on. Past generations sometimes seem unbelievably flawed, but here we are making terrible mistakes, the injustices of our society laid bare.”

The track has a lovely broad soundscape. It is reminiscent of Muse, and the strident urgency also has elements of Bloc Party in it. Both are worthy influences. It is beautifully produced, each of the elements finely balanced. We look forward to the release of the EP in June.

“Are You More” will be released on Friday, 21st May 2021.

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Header image credit: Michael Gill

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