Exclusive Single Premiere: Roz Pappalardo “Immune” (2020)

Roz Pappalardo

Roz Pappalardo continues to tease her forthcoming solo album, Sound The Alarm, thanks to her new single “Immune”, out tomorrow. We’re excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek before the official release tomorrow. 

“Immune”, like its parent album, was recorded and mixed at Blackbox Studios with Jeff Lovejoy. The single, despite the timely title, was actually conceived two years ago. Or as Pappalardo describes it, “2 years ago BC (Before Covid)”. It followed a period of self reflection, self learning and building inner strength. Here’s what Pappalardo said of the process: 

“I’ve realised I am a mass gathering specialist – the more people the better – in my professional and personal life, so learning to live with myself as a result of that realisation has been quite the journey. It’s been a short journey, but a steep steep learning curve. What I’ve understood is that I’m a fighter, a warrior and pretty much OK on my own. I’m strong. Immune.”

A punchy and fun slice of alternative rock, “Immune” is dripping in swagger and style. It just begs you to turn the volume all the way up. Thanks to a memorable chorus and Pappalardo’s edgy and compelling vocals “Immune” leaves you wanting more. If we were allowed to head to gigs again, you just know this one would get a crowd excited. Get amongst it below:

“Immune” releases tomorrow, Friday May 29th. Find Roz Pappalardo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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