Exclusive Single Premiere: Parker Smith “Anna Lee” (2024)

Parker Smith

It’s not easy to write a great love song, but Atlanta singer/songwriter and guitarist Parker Smith has nailed it in his latest single, “Anna Lee”, which is due to be released this Thursday. We are thrilled today to have the first listen of this wonderful track.

There’s a treasure trove of great songs that track heartbreak and sadness, but it seems to be much more difficult to put together a song which celebrates love without it sounding saccharine sweet. In “Anna Lee”, Parker has found just the right balance.

The vocal delivery is imbued with honesty whilst carrying an upbeat joyfullness. With a sweet blend of electric and acoustic guitars, and keys that dance and keep it gently playful, “Anna Lee” is a shining example of how to convey devotion just right.

About the track, Parker told the AU:  Anna Lee” was written early on during the pandemic, and my wife and I were both struggling in different ways. She was out of work completely, and I was working from home. I started writing the song on a retreat to the North Georgia Mountains staying at a friend’s cabin. This song was a reminder, to both of us, that what we were going through was temporary and to lean on each other when we need help.

It is hard to be vulnerable and get out of your own head when you are going through it. No matter how much planning you do, things will always work out in the end, and they never work out how you thought they would.

Musically, I love how the song starts with the chords to the bridge, so when the bridge finally does come around, it sounds familiar. This song also has probably my favorite guitar solo on the record. There’s a lot of space, and then a rush of notes before the vocals come back in.”

“Anna Lee” will be on Parker’s third album, Short Street, to be released on the 7th of June. It’s a collection of eight songs covering ground that is poignant yet drawn with a cheerful brush. With exquisite guitars and beautiful melodies, it’s one to look out for.

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Header image credit: Alex Glustrom

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