Exclusive Single Premiere: Little Green “The Night” (2020)

Little Green

Little Green is the moniker for Sydney-based singer-songwriter Amy Nelson. As we head into what is becoming known as ‘bushfire season’, today we are premiering “The Night”, a track which highlights the devastation that last years rounds of bushfires had on society and the land on which we inhabit.

Little Green wrote of the inspiration for the song: “‘The Night’ is based on a story I wrote about an alien. In this story, the alien has been observing Earth over time, paying close attention to the humans and their destructive nature. One day, the alien observes a small section of the planet is on fire. Australia… The alien is heartbroken.”

It’s always a treat to hear the vocals of Little Green. Her collaboration with Lamalo earlier this year was exceptional, and her vocals are again a highlight in “The Night”. They float and soar over the double bass and drums. As well as having this voice of great purity and sweetness, she is a talented and skilful multi-instrumentalist. Nelson is self-taught on the flute, sax, guitar and piano. The flute is a feature on the “The Night”. She produced the track herself.

She sings “I look at the mess we made, as the children play, out on the street”. It’s a salient reminder of the devastation of last summer and a reminder that we are neglecting the earth on which we live. Not just for us, but for future generations.

Little Green has two shows in Sydney over the next couple of weeks. Details are below.

“The Night” will be released on all digital platforms tomorrow, 11th December 2020. You can pre-save “The Night” HERE

Little Green has the following shows lined up:
Sunday 13th December – 8pm | The Soda Factory, Surry Hills | Soda’s Sunday Social – Sware and Lamalo ft. Little Green | Tickets HERE
Tuesday 22nd December – 7pm | Jackson Carroll + Little Green | Lazybones, Marrickville | Tickets HERE

You can follow Little Green on Facebook, Instagram, Website, Youtube and spotify

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