Exclusive Video Premiere: Lamalo “Jungle Train” ft. Little Green (2020)

We have the exclusive first look at the video for the latest offering from Lamalo, “Jungle Train”. Lamalo is a duo of multi-instrumentalists Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun. They formed in 2016, and since then have created a signature sound of layered sounds, combining modern and traditional instruments.  “Jungle Train” features Little Green, the moniker for Amy Nelson, another talented multi-instrumentalist from Sydney.

“Jungle Train” explores the dichotomy between the mundane existence of day-t0-day commuting and corporate life, with letting the hair down and playing in some lush country landscape. It’s beautifully shot, and the contrast between the two lifestyles is stark and effective. The flute samples in “Jungle Train” and the vocals of Little Green are a dreamy combination.

Lamalo explains the inspiration behind the video: “The video explores liberation from an uninspiring work life. The clip follows a woman (played by Amy) as she travels to work in the early hours of the morning dreaming about a utopian existence, becoming one with nature and with music.”.

It wasn’t all plain sailing on the shoot though – “Amy was planning to be barefoot in the farm section of the shoot, however the area was crawling with bull ants. We had to scour the ground, prepare the leaves that she was going to dance on and then shoot really quickly to minimise the risk.”

The video was directed by Milan Nikolich.  Enjoy the beauty that is “Jungle Train”.

“Jungle Train” feat. Little Green is available on all digital platforms now.

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