Exclusive Single Premiere: Late November “Birdbrain” (2021)

Tom Harrington

North Queensland’s Late November are a five-piece indie-rock outfit creating uplifting songs celebrating the transition into adulthood. They met in high school, and create songs that fuse their energetic math-rock riffs with soulful indie melodies. We are thrilled today to have the premiere of their latest tune, “Birdbrain”.

Their material has often touched on themes of anxiety and reflected the journey from the late teens into the next stage of their life, being an accessible touchstone for so many. Coupled with a live show which is renowned for its high energy, it’s not hard to see why they have gained so much momentum in this early stage of their career.

Describing their music, the band writes: “Late November is about being genuine. It’s about being honest about your fragility and embracing what makes you uncomfortable – knowing the most authentic version of yourself and never letting anything get in the way of that. Our music portrays empowering messages, for those going through dark times. This uplifting theme is executed through our big full live sound, filled with passion and spirit, creating huge moments for listeners.”

“Birdbrain” opens stridently, gathering the attention of the listener, with guitars and woodwind kicking in before lead singer Alex’s vocals take the driving seat. The song tells the tale of an ibis on a light pole. With the suggestion that the ibis needs to get off his pole, and get moving, the track surges into anthemic overdrive, with a driving melody and upbeat harmonies. The outro is pretty great too.

The band explains: “’Birdbrain’ is the personification of displacement and non-belonging. The lyrics urgently discuss the sinking feeling of being held down and going nowhere.”

You can expect plenty more from the talented quintet.  You can pre-save “Birdbrain” HERE

In the meantime, enjoy our premiere.

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Header image credit: Kesheena Barr

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