Exclusive Single Premiere: Jess Chalker “Don’t Fight It” (2021)

Jess Chalker

Today, the London-resident Australian artist Jess Chalker teases out a track, “Don’t Fight It”, from her upcoming debut solo LP, Hemispheres. We are absolutely thrilled to be premiering the track, along with an animated video, which was created by Thomas Calder. This is the third song to be released from the album, following on from “Dance in the Rain and West Hollywood.

Never has a song that deals with anxiety felt so joyous. Chalker has a voice that grips and tugs at your emotions. The track has a comforting retro feel to it, which soars to great heights with Challkers expressive vocals. If ever there was a song to give a beacon of hope to the mental challenges faced due to the interminable lockdowns we are facing, this is it.

She faces up to the challenges she is facing, and via the chorus with backing vocals, finds the solution herself. She sings “When all the lights are falling down, Don’t fight it”, drawing the realisation that yes, it’s ok to feel sad.

Of the track, Chalker writes:“There’s a bittersweetness to ‘Don’t Fight It’ that I love… It feels both joyful and sad to me. It was written at a time when I was going through some personal stuff, trying really hard to please everyone, not really knowing where I fit and becoming someone I wasn’t. In the end I really surrendered to that feeling of being lost, because acknowledging that made me realize I needed to change where I was going.”

“Don’t Fight It” was written by Chalker, along with Rich Jacques and Martijn Tinus Konijnenburg. It was co-produced across LA and London with Jess and Grammy-winning collaborator Rich Jacques.

Listening to the vocals on this, it comes as no surprise that Chalker has been in such demand elsewhere. She fronted the new-wave duo, We Are The Brave.  You might also have heard her on the recent EP from Sydney electronic-duo Dust of Us.  She has also collaborated with the likes of Sam Fischer, Vintage Culture, Isamachine, Gold Kimono and Passenger.

Jess’s album Hemispheres will be released on her own label, 528 Records, on the 5th November 2021. The album covers the push and pull of depression and hopefulness, self-doubt and self-love, and more. You can pre-order the album HERE.

“Don’t Fight It” will be released tomorrow, 10th August 2021. You can pre-save it HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy our premiere.

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