Exclusive Single Premiere: Goons “Bella” (2020)

Sydney 5-piece Goons, have their latest single ready to hit the airwaves, “Bella”.  This follows on from their debut release, “Home Run”, which was released earlier in the year.

“Bella” is a rocking tune with a great message. It opens with some big guitar licks before lead singer The Great Lummox brings his a-grade vocals onboard. An infectious melody and a driving beat keeps this tune rollicking along. As an added bonus they’ve thrown in a couple of neat guitar solos along the way. I’m pretty sure that seeing these guys live will be a fun, sweaty, beer-drenched experience. I’m hoping so anyway. We are thrilled to have the exclusive premiere of “Bella” ahead of its release on Thursday.

The band wrote “Bella” as a show of respect and affection to a friend who deserved maximum kudos.
I wrote Bella while I was thinking of a selfless friend who was going through a tough time. One of those people who is kind and friendly to everyone around them and puts others first – but forgets to see the amazing things about themselves. I just wanted to give them the love they give everyone else.
One for the worker bee behind the scenes that keeps the film running but is hidden away when the applause arrives.

“Bella” will be released on all platforms on Thursday, 1st October. In the meantime, enjoy our sneaky preview of this feel-good track.

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Bruce Baker

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