Exclusive Single Premiere: Floozy ‘Craving’ (2022)

Melbourne dreampop duo Floozy will be releasing their new single ‘Craving’ on Thursday 2 June. It’s a shimmering and flirtatious track with lush production and smooth vocals, and we’re stoked to be sharing an exclusive look at the track a full day early!

‘Craving’ comes as a follow up to their debut offering Sand Dunes – released 10 February – and showcases their full musical identity: fun, confident and expressive.

Comprised of musicians Leigh Dallimore and Andréa Hajenian, Floozy worked with co-producer Xavier Dunn (Charlie Collins, Jack River) and recorded it at their Fitzroy North studio. ‘Craving’ came together organically with the duo’s mission to make light, bubbly music in mind, and this creative direction helped guide the two through the process.

“The track started with a sunny arvo studio session together, where Dre brought in this sick beat and bassline to work off,” Floozy explains. “We started bouncing around the studio, having a laugh, and Leigh almost instantly started singing the chorus hook.”

Driving beats and busy electric bass carry the verses as glistening pads and distant guitar usher in the catchy chorus. Infectious melodies and airy harmonies swim above the danceable hook decorated with subtle ear-candy. The ambient synths of the bridge envelop the listener in a warm blanket, while Dallimore and Hajenian’s soft vocals blend effortlessly to ride out the track.

“We tried to listen to what the production was making us feel and started fleshing out the story. There was something distinctly cheeky and flirty in the way the bass moved with the beats, but also something mysterious in the pulse of the pads and textures. Almost like a question being asked.”

The suggestive lyrics use imagery of neon lights and cigarette smoke to convey a scenario we know all too well: hanging around the outside of a club, looking for someone to go home with. A sense of desperation breathes between the lines with a cool calm in their delivery, reflecting the vibe of such an interaction.

“This really guided the theme of the song: Everyone’s had the experience of being out somewhere and locking eyes with someone magnetic and mysterious, only to have them disappear into the crowd like smoke; Someone who everyone knows of, but no one really knows.”

Accompanying the release is a music video, directed by Floozy themselves, featuring rollerskating performer Dylan Blue. The clip shows Blue preparing their exotic makeup and outfit before manoeuvring through the night streets of Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Carlton in a captivating display, reflecting the song’s energy and anticipation.

“Late last year, we were driving down St Georges Rd in Fitzroy North and saw this vision of a person gliding down the concrete sidewalk, dancing in their rollerskates. We were so taken by them, that we stopped the car and hailed Dylan down in the middle of the street. We both knew when we saw them, enigmatic in their signature blue get-up, catching the eyes of every stranger in sight, that they were ‘Craving’ incarnate.”

Praised for their strong songwriting abilities by the likes of triple j Unearthed and The Music, Floozy have proven that they are ones worth watching in just two singles. With a growing fanbase and an exciting taste of what’s to come, the future is looking bright for these Melbourne hopefuls – whether it be ultraviolet or neon!

Stream ‘Craving’ below!

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