Exclusive Single Premiere: Ed Wells x Manuka “Tougher” (2021)

Ed Wells Manuka

Hailing from Sydney, but now a resident of London, Ed Wells has teamed up with fellow Londoner Manüka on their electro-pop single, “Tougher”. This is a track about the resilience we all have when faced with formidable challenges. We are thrilled to have the premiere of this tune before its official release on Friday.

Last year Ed released an electro-soul infused EP, Home, which included the track “GMT” which has cracked over 500,000 streams on Spotify. Manüka also released an EP last year, Balance. It was an EP that fused many different elements including dance, R&B and electronica.

With those in the arts having found the lockdown particularly challenging, Ed looked hard to try and find the positives from the situation, as he explains: “I find the idea of resilience fascinating, because I see it manifesting in totally different ways in different people, and it is something I have developed more of through the pandemic.”

Manüka compliments the deep rich vocals of Ed. He is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and brings his wide range of influences to this killer of a track. “Tougher” has a hypnotic beat running through it and the vocals are truly fabulous.

“Tougher” by Ed Wells & Manuka will be released on all streaming services from April 16th.

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