Exclusive Single Premiere: Chutney “Outcast” (2020)


Everyone’s favourite pioneers of ‘condiment rock’ Chutney make their return this week with “Outcast”. It’s the Gold Coast indie rockers second single lifted from their forthcoming self-titled EP release. It follows on from “Genie’s Lamp” released last month. Officially released on Thursday, we’re stoked to bring you this exclusive first listen of the new single. 

“Outcast” saw the band once again teaming up with longtime collaborator Scotty French at Lovestreet Studios. The band’s rockier side really comes to the fray on this new single, with the quartet certainly not flagging in the swagger stakes. Energetic, frenetic and with plenty of slick guitar work, “Outcast” is perhaps the perfect slice of indie rock. Certainly, it wouldn’t sound out of place along side the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Catfish & The Bottlemen and others. The accents might be different, but the attitude’s the same. 

According to the band, the single “tells the story of entangled love. Being outclassed from the start and fighting an uphill battle, but alas, enjoying it alt the time”. The song started life with Matt Hansford on the acoustic, “I had been listening to a lot of Hockey Dad, and was enjoying that trashy rhythm sound, so I gave that a go here.” From there the band built the song up, before reaching the end result you can hear below: “We’re happy with the outcome here – it’s a little less thoughtful, a lot more fun.” 

With pandemic restrictions starting to lift in Queensland the band have booked shows at hometown favourites Elsewhere and Vinnie’s Dive Bar. All being well, the band are hoping to leave this period of social isolation in the distant past and crack on with plenty more live shows to come throughout what’s left of the year. So keep an eye out for that forthcoming EP and those gig listings. 

“Outcast” officially releases August 6th. Pre-save the single HERE. Keep up to date with all things Chutney via Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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