Exclusive Album Premiere: The Violet Stones – PIN (LP 2020)

The Violet Stones

We’ve been looking forward to the sophomore album from Sydney alt-rock grunge band The Violet Stones, and it delivers in spades. We are stoked today to be premiering PIN, with a generous fourteen energetic high-octane tracks. They’ve teased a few singles in the lead-up, most recently “Power Hungry”, so it’s a treat to have the full-meal of sonic delights unleashed at last.

On lead vocals and songwriting duties is Sarah Jane Curran, who has also found a significant audience through her internet channel. Louis Libran plays bass and Jarrod Mazzacca is on lead guitar.

There are many great tracks on this album. I’m digging “Insane” for the ebbs and flows, and killer guitars. “Power Hungry” is still a favourite and is going to be an epic track live. The restrained closer “What You Brought” is an emotional full-stop to PIN.

Naming an album, I guess is like naming a child. Not always an easy thing to do. Sarah explains the rationale behind PIN. “We called the album ‘PIN’ as we were trying to sum up the release as a whole with one word, which we couldn’t really do. So we got the words, ‘Political, Injustices, Negligence,’ which pretty much encapsulates all the themes,”

And she expands further about the content:  “The songs talk about racism, sexism, mental health, and just toxic people in general. A lot of the songs are about religion and corruption in the church as well. A huge theme within the religion idea is that God has to have a huge ego. Imagine if I created a world and told everyone they have to follow me or they’ll burn in hell forever; Sounds pretty evil and egotistical to me.”

There’s plenty to ponder here. And at fourteen tracks, it’s one to savour. There’s just the right amount of swagger. They have an assured confidence at reimagining a classic 90’s-era sound with their own twist. Sweet harmonies, wild distorted guitars and an honesty makes this album a most rewarding journey.

Fans of Dear Seattle, WAAX and Violent Soho are going to dig this. Older listeners, such as fans of Ash, will also be able to get on board with this one.

PIN will be released on all digital platforms on Friday 11th December 2020.  You can order PIN, with merch-bundles HERE.  You can pre-save PIN to Spotify HERE

In the meantime, enjoy PIN, the sophomore album from The Violet Stones in its entirety.

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