Exclusive Album Premiere: Quinton Trembath – Amateur Art (2020)

Quinton Trembath is on the cusp of releasing their debut album, Amateur Art, and we are thrilled today to give you the first listen at this entertaining collection of songs. A raucous four-piece folk-punk band, the album colourfully details the ebbs and flows of the life led by frontman and lead singer, Quinton Trembath.

Trembath has been presenting his high-energy shows, and releasing solo EP’s for some time now, but came to the realisation that he could scale up that sound with some more people on board, and hence the self-titled band emerged. On violin is Hannah Morell, Ty Noble is on drums and Matt on double bass.

Trembath’s songs detail the highs and lows of making his way through life in the suburbs of Melbourne’s North.  They have a patent honesty, a passionate delivery and resonate with anyone who has cut loose a little when finding their way in the world.

Trembath has a keen eye for the minutiae of day-to-day living, a sensitivity towards inward reflection and airs his desire to live his best life. There is a recurring theme where Trembath wonders whether he spends his time wisely, but perhaps given the way 2020 has panned out, this is a concern which should be shelved.

Quinton has written some notes on each track, so settle down, press play, and read the background to the songs on Amateur Art, before it’s release this Friday, 13th November. Presave HERE

There are also the video clips to be entertained by, all created by Trembath himself.

Servo Sunsets
This song is a good example of the lack of mindfulness I often have when constantly thinking about the future rather than being in the moment. Often, after months of excitedly planning a tour, I’ll find myself on the road daydreaming wistfully for what I’ll do when tours over and I return home.

I love walking. It gets mentioned in a bunch of my songs. There was a time last year where I was living out of my van and going on really big walks every night to clear my head and tire myself out. I really like the feeling of having sore, tired legs.

New Room
There’s something about a fresh notebook or moving into a new house that inspires and motivates me to make improvements. When I wrote this song I had just moved into a new place after living in my van and was feeling motivated to be a better person, inspired by the generosity of the friends who had been helping me out.

This song is me noticing and celebrating the span of time that passed and saw the strengthening of friendships. Time flies and things happen and all of a sudden you have a bunch of wonderful memories with people you used to not know.

Kellevie is a small rural area in Tasmania where my partner lives. I really like the place and in this song I describe the light sources for a bunch of memories I have of being there.

St Georges Rd
Prone to the odd spot of nostalgia and dramatics, I wrote this song after ruining my own evening one night by being moody and dramatic after running into an old friend I wasn’t expecting to see.

Mount the Kerb 
A song about drunken stumbles between venues and then injuring yourself with footpath-acrobatics on the walk home, having missed the last trains of the night.

Eraser Shavings 
A song about overthinking how best to spend my time. I really like quiet solitude and getting stuck into my projects, but more often than not I look back and regret not having gone out and enjoyed the company of my friends more.

I’ve spent such an outrageous amount of timing sitting at my desk this year, making long lists of important things to get done and then wasting all my time away with the most pointless of internet things. A eulogy to all the hours I’ve killed.

Warm Beer
My partner is fantastic at drawing and inspired me to try my hand at it, filling pages with shoddy still-life sketches of whatever I see. The charm of the imperfections in these sketches inspired this song and the title of the album.

Amateur Art will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, 13th November 2020. Presave HERE

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