Exclusive Album Premiere: Markus Saastamoinen – Puzzle Pieces (2020 LP)

Markus Saastamoinen

Melbourne-based musician Markus Saastamoinen will tomorrow release his long-awaited debut album, Puzzle Pieces. This talented multi-instrumentalist has featured in a number of bands over the years and has finally stepped out as a solo artist.  We are excited today to be premiering this wonderfully diverse album, and Markus has provided us with a track-by-track description, which provides the background to each track.

Saastamoinen has a strong melodious voice, which he puts to great use across the album. The compositions are always interesting, and the melodies are the driving force to his songs. From the drama of “Puzzle Piece”, to the dreamy melody in “Lullaby”, this is an album which will reward with repeated listens.

He was ably assisted by Peter ‘Reggie’ Bowman (Southern Sons) who helped with mixing, production and mentoring.

Press <PLAY>, have a read and enjoy “Puzzle Pieces” from Markus Saastamoinen.

A Strange Silence

When the noise of everyday life just comes to a shuddering halt one day, it can be very confusing. When all you hear is the silence of your own thoughts, it can be very confronting. When your thoughts cloud your judgement, that’s when the strange silence infiltrates deep to your soul.

Puzzle Piece

It can seem from the outside that you have everything possible in life, but for many of us, we are always searching for something…whether it be inner calm, contentment, or peace of mind. We are all made up of many different parts, searching for our place in life…the search for our missing puzzle piece.


We all strive to be unique individuals, carving out our own niche. No matter how hard we try to be our own person, in many cases other people won’t accept us for who we are. The easy way to go is to choose to conform, to be like everyone else…to be a clone.

The Ballad of San Sebastián

A long time ago in a town far away, a legend was born. A legend who showed the people of just what it meant to fight for their right to live in peace, and above all how to win. The only way to win was to believe in themselves and to show those evil tyrants just who the people of San Sebastián were. Viva La San Sebastián!

Last Night on Earth

A love that was, is now just a memory. A kiss underneath the stars, that is now only a dream. Lessons in life and love between two people who once shared a beautiful dream …a dream that one of them hopes to make real again, living and loving once more as if it were the Last Night on Earth.

Chances Are

Two strangers brought together by circumstance fall in love at first sight. But it is doomed from the start, as chance and destiny collide to consign the embryonic stages of love to the winds of time. Chances are before it’s all begun, this whole thing will come undone.

Truth, Lies & In Between

We’re in the midst of the age of disinformation, where the powerful few control the masses with messages of hate, division and lies. They saturate us with fake news, all with the aim to keep us under their thumb. And we’ve all had enough of it.

Friday’s Child

You can be thinking that at last, you’ve found your way in life…things are looking up, your future is bright! Then all of a sudden, everything stops due to circumstances out of your control. You’re forced onto lockdown, restricted in what you can do, where you can go. Friday’s Child just wants to be free…we are all Friday’s Child. We will rise one day and will spread our wings and fly away.


We’ve come to the end of a long night…it’s time to go to sleep. The band have been playing for over 5 hours and many, many beers! To the last couple standing on the dancefloor: this is dedicated to you.

Bring Him Home

From the musical “Les Misérables”, this is the story of an older man praying to God, wanting to sacrifice his life for a young stranger, a boy who is in love with the old man’s daughter.
I dedicate this song to the memories of my Dad, my brother and my unborn son.

Puzzle Piece will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, 27th November 2020.

You can keep up to date with Markus Saastamoinen on Facebook and Instagram.

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