Cosmo Jarvis + The Frowning Clouds – The East Brunswick Club, Melbourne (13.10.11)

Geelong natives The Frowning Clouds got the party started with their breezy surf infused tunes. The five piece are a tight live act who play music that was made for the beery good times. Their set was a lot of fun and they got the crowd up and moving with their incredibly catchy rock. They have an energetic presence and were obviously enjoying their time on stage. The Frowning Clouds are one of the many garage bands who’ve popped up of late whose music lacks substance and has all been seen and heard before, however they don’t pretend to be anything other then a rocking party band and that is something they do very well. Their set was a rollicking, sweaty affair that was highly enjoyable.

British larrikin Cosmo Jarvis took the world by storm with his “Gay Pirates” anthem and a particularly enthusiastic group of fans came to the gig decked out in their pirate gear and claimed their places in the front row early, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their hero. Fortunately the man did not disappoint with Jarvis and his band putting on a ripper show. Jarvis is a natural entertainer who had the crowd hanging on his every word as he spilled out comical anecdotes between songs.

They tore through a killer set that featured a stack of freshly penned tunes as well as showcasing the material from their latest record Is The World Strange or Am I Strange?. The band were very lively and engaging and their rambunctious performance was a lot of fun to witness. They have a versatile sound and their warm presence saw the entire band room dancing and singing along to “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” and “My Day”. The pirate crew stormed the stage during “Gay Pirates” for their 15 minutes of fame, delighting the band and the punters with their crazy dance antics. Jarvis opted not to do an encore and ended the night with a rousing rendition of “Problems” before bidding us all a fond farewell. Cosmo Jarvis is a brilliant performer and his live show made for a happy night full of laughs and great music.