Photo Gallery: ixaras – Brunswick Street Mall, Brisbane (11.05.24).


Born and raised in Brisbane, Ixaras was the perfect choice to book for this free, all-ages gig in Brunswick Street Mall on Saturday! She rocked the stage at 6 pm, leaving the crowd wanting more. And then, out of nowhere, she treated us to an impromptu encore!

With her truely unique indie, pop-rock sound she’s quickly making her mark in the Aus music scene. Her setlist featuring her hit songs ‘sprouts’, ‘worry’, and ‘lately’, and even left the general public stopping in their tracks to listen. Then to everyone’s surprise, her cover of ‘I wanna be your girlfriend’ had everyone singing along – if they weren’t already!

Ixaras is one to watch, with new music coming out on the 14th of May via her youth-centred record label Anti Dismal. With Ixaras yet to release an album, we feel it won’t be long until she’s a household name.

Emma Belas brings you these photos.