Canberra’s Kirrah Amosa releases her new track “Possessive” and shares her inspirations

  • Bruce Baker
  • March 29, 2022
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Canberra’s Kirrah Amosa weaves an intoxicating R&B spell on her latest single, “Possessive”. A passionate and sensual song, it reflects the journey which Kirrah has been on. Not always smooth-sailing, this is a track that shows acceptance and great self-awareness.

Kirrah gives us some background to the track: “2020/2021 bestowed on me the best of the worst; crushed my dreams, dissolved years of hard work, ended my relationship, introduced me to my new bestie, Anxiety, and helped me understand that the niggling feeling in the back of my head wasn’t motivation to be healthier – it was body dysmorphia. 

2022 is officially the new year of birth as I have completely shed all remnants of the shame and doubt that fueled my being and have fully embraced my good and semi-toxic traits e.g., ‘Possessive’.  Accepting this darker side of me was nothing short of absolute liberation, so if you’re anything like me, I offer you this.

Instead of entering the always-vicious screening cycle with a new potential partner, feel free to play them ‘Possessive’. Let ‘em know what to expect, and if they get surprised by your ‘passion’ (or emotion-filled mood swings), that’s on them.”

The clip for “Possessive’ was filmed at Kirrah’s grandparents’ home. Kirrah co-directed it with filmographer Isack Hoppitt. It’s fun, perfectly in sync with the track, and beautifully shot.

Much of 2021 was devoted to her being part of the HAMILTON Australia cast. 2022 will see Kirrah unveiling new music, and undoubtedly playing it to her live audience. Her stage presence and live shows have led her to supporting the likes of Rita Ora, Jess Glynne, and she performed as part of the Ministry of Sound Australian Tour with Sam Sparro, Crystal Waters and Alison Limerick

The track was recorded in Canberra with Kojo (Kay) Ansah (aka Citizen Kay) at Kay Ansah Studios with added production by Xiro (Matt Fioravanti).  We expect it will appeal to fans of Kehlani, SZA and Doja Cat.

To help celebrate the release of “Possessive”, Kirrah has shared with the AU, her inspirations. Not just musical, her family gain a worthy acknowledgment. Read on!


Kirrah Amosa shares her Inspirations

John Mayer feels like a favourite uncle that you never see but always knows what to say when you need him. His music got me through my entire education, the sad, the glad and the bad. We both went through questionable hair choices and average relationships. But still as an adult, he’s the only artist to take me back to neutral when my mind’s ablaze.

Beyoncé was the only mainstream artist that almost looked like me – the hips, the hair, the skin. The theme of my 21st birthday party was “Icons” and guess who got a stupidly expensive custom dress to wear once and dyed their hair platinum blonde… at gigs people called me Keyoncé. I don’t even love her music, I just love her.

H.E.R was the first modern age artist that prioritised the music, to the point of hiding her identity. To then back it up with vocals of honey, the hair of a mermaid and lyrics that aren’t lame? She’s my hero.

Rihanna brings too much to the table, issa HAZARD. I’m a hard ride or dye (yes, I dyed my hair bright red too but we don’t talk about it) so even when her music was purely about making money, I limewired those bad boys hard out. But her ANTI album taught me about playing the game until you made the rules, no matter the cost. I take that lesson with me absolutely everywhere.

Everything I am is because of my Dad. Growing up singing beside him in church and then forcing myself between him and my uncle at their gigs from 7 years old (and still at 27) I very proudly carry his name on my chest. I credit my sound, my work ethic, my guitar picking, my tone, my ability to lead a band, my adaptability with different clients, my presence in a room completely to him.

My parents had me at 17 so instead of nourishing their own dreams, they put themselves aside to raise 6 healthy, beautiful babies, and that’s why I do what I do – to gift them both the notion that their sacrifice was worth it (even though our family is already solid proof it was).

You can keep up to date with Kirrah on her Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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