Behind the scenes with Pretty Uglys during the making of Party Friends

Pretty Uglys

West-Australian trio, Pretty Uglys, have just released their sophomore EP, Party Friends. It’s a five-track collection of surf and punk-rock tunes, which have been a staple of their live set for some time now.

The band were pretty pumped to get it out into the ether, saying “Feels epic to get this release into the world collectively putting together these tracks in a way that helps solidify our own sound direction from over the past 12 months at least, with both happy and deeper/heavier tracks all in the mix.’’

The EP was mixed by their pal Tristan Sturmer, and mastered by George Georgiadis.

When talking about the process for getting these tracks down, the band said  “All songs we compiled together in our rehearsal room generally sparking from a simple guitar or bass part, which evolves into a somewhat structured track with lyrics always coming last. We used the garageband app on iphone to demo a lot of it, then went to see to our good mate Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Studios Perth which is where we recorded all the final versions of the songs.”

They have a tour lined up for May, with the details below. One highlight is bound to be the surf premiere party for RUSTY in Perth. That should be epic.

The boys have put together a few photos from behind the scenes when creating the EP, so why not give it a spin, and read on.

Mid-way through recording guitars on the EP at Sumo Studios, must have just nailed the take psyching out with Jean – Luc.
Jean – Luc recording bass on one of the studio basses. It has a really good sound to it.
Jack working with drum tech Fraser Cringle in the live room getting drum sounds for the EP. They were doing this before every track.
Pretty Uglys
Walking back up the stairs to stay at Jack and Jean-Luc’s apartments in North Fremantle after a long day in the studio.
Pretty Uglys

Pretty Uglys WA Tour to launch the EP

Thursday May 13th | ‘Wades World Prem Party’ for Rusty Surfboards | Perth HQ
Friday May 14th w/ Sky Cave + Stunned Mullets | The River Hotel, Margaret River Tickets HERE
Saturday May 15th w/Star Arcana + Circa The Sun + Sunsick | Indi Bar, Scarborough Tickets HERE
Friday May 21st | The Aardvark, Fremantle

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