Behind the scenes of the making of RACKETT’s new clip for “Crush”

RACKETT has just released a corker of a new song, “Crush”.  It comes with an infectious melody and sugary-pop upbeat sentiments. It was co-written by RACKETT and Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, Mia Rodriguez), and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer, Joe Laporta (Solange, FKA Twigs).

On the same day as releasing this latest tune, RACKETT released the accompanying video for it. The AU was there for the filming of the clip, and we bring you these images of the day, but first a little background to the creation of this video.

Bec (Rebecca Callander/RACKETT) came up with the concept of a full-scale choreographed dance video. She put a shout-out on her social media for dancers, and the responses rolled in. The initial plans were for 40 dancers to feature. Bec had spent her formative years dancing, and hence was able to work out the core moves of the choreography for the chorus.

At this point, Cassandra Merwood was brought on board, and she sculpted the rest of the movements and design. Bec test-drove the moves on a couple of 7 year-olds to make sure it was accessible to everyone. At this point, she knew she was ready for the dance ensemble to learn them.

COVID-19 cut down the numbers to thirty, then a week before the shoot, it was cut to twenty, so it wasn’t smooth sailing, but what is these days? There was a great mix of dancers, a truly diverse cast with one commonality amongst them – they were all freaking great dancers.

Bec put together a mood-board for everyone, and they were encouraged to bring in their own outfits. The basic colour scheme was black, with splashes of pink. Make-up artists were on hand to provide the glitz and glamour.

Tanika Layt

The day was fun and joyous, despite the pressure to perform.

Lara Obeido

A tweak here, a tweak there.

RACKETT and Jack Thepsourine

There was time to practice the moves whilst styling was happening. Laughs not tears.

Tosh Lanyon and DJ Atomic Blonde

Then it was time for the final run-throughs of the routines. Each member of the cast performed the moves for the chorus on their own. They were sharp!

Maci Johnson

Then it was time for lights, camera, action!

Check out the result below. It was a pleasure to watch a talented bunch of dancers and the phenomenon that is RACKETT put this together.

You can check out the full gallery of images below




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