Album Review: MAY-A – Analysis Paralysis (2023 EP)


If you think you haven’t heard of MAY-A, think again. After touring with Aussie legends 5 Seconds of Summer earlier this year, the 22 year old Sydney artist went on to be crowned #1 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 with her feature in Flume’s “Say Nothing”, as well as recently performing at the Logies. And on top of all this, MAY-A has been touring and putting out new music, the latest of which is EP Analysis Paralysis, which I’ve had the absolute pleasure of listening to for the past few weeks.

Kicking off with the previously released single “Something Familiar”, the EP is off to an impressive start. This track effortlessly intertwines catchiness with an invigorating surge of energy—an emblematic signature of MAY-A’s musical prowess. Delving into the intricate web of toxic relationships, the lyrics strike a chord: “Out of my depth babe, I can’t do this shit no more, I’m sick of guessing, if you’ll open up or burn down the door.” A formidable opener, “Something Familiar” deftly sets the stage, establishing the thematic essence of the EP.

Another recent single, “Your Funeral”, follows. With its magnetic blend of moody vocals and grungy instrumentals, the track embarks on a subtly satirical exploration of love’s intricate facets—a reflective commentary on the struggles of accepting affection while inadvertently inflicting pain on the ones we cherish.

From here, the dynamic cadence of “LOLA” and “Sweat You Out My System” take centre stage. Both of these tracks keep the upbeat tempo of the EP, with “Sweat You Out My System” being my absolute favourite in this collection. This is a track that MAY-A has been performing live for a while, and her high energy live performance translates beautifully to the recorded version.

The last three songs on the EP are all brand new, which is refreshing and exciting. These compositions embody a more contemplative, experimental aura while harmoniously resonating with the overarching emotional tapestry woven throughout the EP.

A fascinating departure arrives with “ifyoulikeitlike,” evoking nostalgic echoes of early 2000s rock—a testament to MAY-A’s genre-defying versatility—before moving on to “Guilty Conscience,” another highlight that deserves its moment in the spotlight. This track radiates an infectious sense of joy, slightly picking up the tempo. MAY-A’s vocals and exceptional songwriting take the spotlight, showcasing her undeniable talent. At just one minute and 58 seconds, it’s the album’s shortest tracks, yet undoubtedly one of its finest gems. As the track draws to a close, a playful instrumental featuring techno synth sounds adds an extra layer of enjoyment before the song comes to an abrupt end.

Bringing the EP to a poignant conclusion is “SUPERIOR LIAR,” a slower and gentler track that gradually gains momentum. The vocals here are deeply expressive and tinged with a heartfelt sense of urgency, in the best possible way. The track exudes a dreamy, introspective atmosphere, concluding with a gratifying crescendo that brings the EP to a satisfying close.

Analysis Paralysis is simply a fantastic EP. MAY-A is absolutely one of my favourite artists on the scene right now and her songwriting ability and sheer talent is second to none. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch her in concert you’ll know that she brings the same energy to the stage and is a joy to watch. I only wish that this EP featured less previously released singles and more new tracks, however that choice honestly just makes me even more excited for more MAY-A music in the future. If you’re looking for some new music to sing your heart out to and get you in your feelings, Analysis Paralysis will not let you down!


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