Album Review: The Regime – Love Funky Revolution (2023 LP)

The Regime

When was the last time you heard a band make their debut album a double album? I can only think of one and I’m fairly confident that unless you’re also thinking of The Regime and their Love Funky Revolution release then you’re going to struggle. After a few years of lighting up hometown stages with their brand of party funk, the Sydney conglomerate are finally here and ready to release onto your ears Love Funky Revolution, an expansive 20 track, hour plus long journey through love, fun, party and all round quality vibes.

The album starts off with an interlude (the rest of the album is also intertwined with them) before really kicking it off with “Do The Funky”, a song that could end up being the party, good-time track of the year. Play that funky music, and you’ll feel free and completely filled with love. The rap verses when matched with the soulful verses and choruses are exemplary, while the harmonies are second to none. I really couldn’t think of a better song to start the album.

Up next is “Disco Soul”,  a song that feels like it’s been ripped straight from the 1970s. The funk and fun are strong from the opening notes, and while the horns are used sparingly, they honestly feel like the highlight. “Brother Babe” is slinky, sultry, and sexy, as it sneaks along through its more than four minute run, while “The Playground” is downbeat and goes hand-in-hand (and back-to-back) with “Sizzle’n”.

The titular “Love Funky Revolution” is a masterpiece in fun. There’s a reason this song is the title track, and, honestly, I’d take it personally if you didn’t like it. Deliciously crass at times, the song embodies the vibe of The Regime and will be hard to beat in a live set.

While the peaks of the album are definitely the more funk driven moments, there’s also gentle beauty hidden in plain sight on the slower, more heartfelt moments on Love Funky Revolution. From “Here We Are”, with its as-close-to-Fleet-Foxes-as-you-can-possibly-get-without-actually-being-Fleet-Foxes vibe, through to singles “Be A Lover” and “I’ve Got You” (with the piano leading the way), it is these slower moments that showcase the strength of The Regime.

Slower moments aside, “Lemonade Stand”, with its little call and response, grounds the song back in reality, even if that 80s guitar solo is something you’d honestly never have picked to feature here if the rest of the release is anything to go by.

As the album enters its closing moments, the quality doesn’t tail off, with “Keep on Lovin’” feeling like the song to be played at the end of a night, as the love-in decides whether to kick on, or head home for a well deserved rest. Album closer “Come Together” rightfully holds its place as the book end of the release. It’s a ripper track that will undoubtedly have everyone moving one last time if it is to be played last in a live show.

There’s really not too much you can fault The Regime on here on Love Funky Revolution. It’s fun from start to finish, and completely satisfies on every re-listen. For a band who seemingly don’t appear to take themselves too seriously, you get the feeling The Regime really could be onto something special here. If you’re a festival booker, or just a music fan, invest some time and money into The Regime. The love funky revolution is here and it won’t disappoint.


Love Funky Revolution is out Monday 24 July 2023.

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