Album Review: Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide (2023 LP)

Melodic hardcore upstarts Archetypes Collide have proven they are ready for the big stage with their self-titled debut album, out today via Fearless Records. The Arizona five-piece blend breakdowns and fierce screams with electronics and soaring hooks for a catchy, dynamic offering.

With a unique sound influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, Beartooth and I Prevail, Archetypes Collide channel 2010s metalcore with a postmodern edge. The 12-track project features the singles “My Own Device”, “What If I Fall” and “Parasite”, with accessible arrangements and pacing. Beartooth bassist Oshie Bichar, Nick Ingram (Dayseeker) and Jon Eberhard (I Prevail) all had a hand in production, with Jeff Dunne (Ice Nine Kills) on the mix.

Anthemic opener “Parasite” sets the tone of the record with manic verses and big choruses, while “Fade Away” is more of an atmospheric singalong before a crushing breakdown. At first, “Counterfeit” sounds like it could be a Limp Bizkit cover then quickly opens up to showcase frontman Kyle Pastor’s clean vocals. “What If I Fall” finds its feet between infectious melodies and hip hop beats, yet still keeps it interesting with a rocking second verse and aggressive bridge.

Sparkly synths open “My Own Device” and return for the pop-inspired hook as the screamed lyrics of “Suffocate Me” redirect the anger outwards with techy riffs and grooves. The repertoire switches up again for “Destiny” in a dark display of versatile vocals and gloomy keys. “Deep End” is a brutal reproach with blistering guitars and glitchy synths that segway nicely into “Separate”, a deep cut that easily could have been a single demonstrating their range of styles.

After a heavy barrage, “Paranoid & Paralyzed” reminds you they can also make great pop-rock bangers. Carrying these electronics with a stomping bridge to “Silence” feat. Landon Tewers of The Plot In You is a glimpse into the band’s potential as a formidable genre-bending powerhouse. Bringing the album full circle is upbeat anthem “Love Again”, ending the journey on a hopeful note whilst tugging on the heartstrings and demanding an instant replay of the whole thing.

Having played major festivals such as Aftershock, Louder Than Life and Welcome To Rockville, the future of Archetypes Collide is looking very promising. If they keep crafting heavy singalongs as consistently as this, we wouldn’t be surprised if they start turning up in your backyard sometime soon.

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