5 albums you may have missed in Q1 2021

We’ve been blessed (musically) with a killer opening quarter to 2021, with plenty of stellar and groundbreaking albums and EPs already released, many of which have received our Album of the Week.

From Shame to Arlo Parks, Julien Baker, Genesis Owusu and Middle Kids, 2021 has so far seen a variety of albums released that are already primed to go down as some of the year’s best come December.

But what about the releases that weren’t lucky enough to receive our #albumoftheweek? Below we’ve compiled a list of albums and EPs you might have missed in these past three months that we think you should definitely check out:


Release date: 5 February

Here on the follow up to debut album To a Stranger, Odette returns with a more fulfilled, complete and rightfully great release. Naturally, Odette’s vocals are still exemplary and have matured immensely over the past couple of years. From the forceful and soaring “Amends” to the folktronica and hip hop vibes on “Trial By Fire”, Herald is an exciting and passionate progression from one of the country’s best emerging acts.

Learn more at Odette’s official website.

Lana Del ReyChemtrails over the Country Club

Release date: 19 March

It’s hard to believe Del Rey is now seven albums deep, with Chemtrails proving to be one of her best. As enigmatic as always, the album tackles much of Del Rey’s unease and reluctance of fame, while continuing to showcase the strength in Del Rey’s songwriting and smokey vocals. Notable highlights are the titular “Chemtrails over the Country Club” (a nod to conspiracy theories) and the stripped back take down of celebrity on “Dark But Just a Game”.

Learn more at Lana Del Ray’s official website.

Tulliah Fre$h Hugs EP

Release date: 12 March

The Victorian act bound for the greatest of heights, Tulliah debuts their untapped class via the brilliant Fre$h Hugs. With nods to Missy Higgins and Julia Jacklin, Tulliah isn’t affraid to tackle themes many still find taboo; like poor mental health and the breakdown of relationships following infidelity. Featuring just the four tracks, highlights include the incredibly sad “Okay”, the undeniably catchy “Distant Dreams” and the crushing “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)”.

Check out the album on Apple Music

Indigo Sparke Echo

Release date: 19 February

Killing it overseas, Australian act Indigo Sparke invokes the sounds of her contemporaries like First Aid Kit, Angie McMahon and boygenius on debut album Echo. Recorded in 2019 prior to the world falling to pieces, Echo is a delicate, heartfelt and chilling album. Echo is the type of album you’ll get lost in without even noticing, especially when listening to songs like “Golden Age” or “Everything Everything”.

Learn more at Indigo Sparke’s official website.

ClaudSuper Monster

Release date: 12 February

A fun debut album filled with songs anyone who’s been young, dumb, loved and confused will relate to, Claud’s Super Monster is an untraditional pop album filled with catchy hooks, lyrics and an openness that can potentially confirm Claud as a future star. Signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ label, Super Monster and its killer singles “Soft Spot”, “Guard Down” and “Pepsi” are bound to continually impress fans and cement Claud as a star of the future.

Listen to the album now on Bandcamp.

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