10 more Aussie acts have been added to the SXSW 2020 lineup in Austin

It’s that time of year when everything starts ramping up for the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas – where from the 16th to the 22nd of March, hundreds of acts from around the world descend on the Texan capital, including dozens of Australian acts. Ten more were added this week!

The ten new artists added are: Didirri, Eliott, Eliza & The Delusionals, Fraeya, Jack River, Jaguar Jonze (pictured), Pub Choir, Tom West, The Wonder and Vlossom.

For two of the artists – Didirri and Jaguar Jonze – they’ll be playing SXSW hot off the heels of their inclusion in Eurovision: Australia Decides, which is happening on 8th February. It’s sure to be a busy few months for those acts in particular, and acts like Jack River and Tom West are coming off mammoth years of touring. We can’t wait to see them all over there.

They join the already announced lineup of acts like Alice Skye, Quivers, Cable Ties, BATTS, A. Swayze and the Ghosts, Baker Boy, Ali Barter, and more!

For more details about the festival, and to get your badge before prices go up at the end of the week, head to sxsw.com.

And here’s the full list of 2020 SXSW Showcasing Artists who were announced this week:

79.5 (New York NY)
Aaron Smith (Polmont UK-SCOTLAND)
Adwaith (Carmarthen UK-WALES)
AHI (Brampton CANADA)
Alesia Lani (Austin TX)
Alex Nicol (Montreal CANADA)
almost monday (San Diego CA)
A Low Hum (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
alyona alyona (Kyiv UKRAINE)
Anna Altman (Brooklyn NY)
Anna Shoemaker (Brooklyn NY)
Anthony Adams (Nashville TN)
As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira (São Paulo BRAZIL)
A. Sinclair (Austin TX)
Astrid Sonne (Copenhagen DENMARK)
August Eve (Los Angeles CA)
Autre Monde (Dublin IRELAND)
Axel Thesleff (Helsinki FINLAND)
Baba Ali (New York NY)
bad tuner (Brooklyn NY)
Balming Tiger (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Balto (Los Angeles CA)
Beach Slang (Philadelphia PA)
Begonia (Winnipeg CANADA)
Belako (Bilbao SPAIN)
Belén Cuturi (Montevideo URUGUAY)
Ben Wylen (Los Angeles CA)
Big Zeeks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Billy Raffoul (Leamington CANADA)
Bird Streets (Brooklyn NY)
The Blind Suns (Angers FRANCE)
Bluestaeb (Berlin GERMANY)
Bones Garage (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Boniface (Winnipeg CANADA)
BOYO (Los Angeles CA)
Branjae (Tulsa OK)
Buenos Diaz (Austin TX)
BUHU (Austin TX)
The Bvtcher (Austin TX)
Cactus? (Vicenza ITALY)
Caleb Elliott (Florence AL)
Calliope Musicals (Austin TX)
Caroline Rose (Austin TX)
Catherine MacLellan (Wellington CANADA)
Chainska Brassika (London UK-ENGLAND)
Chris Berardo (Rye NY)
Chris Canterbury (Nashville TN)
Christelle Bofale (Austin TX)
Christian Lee Hutson (Los Angeles CA)
Ciudadanos (Santiago CHILE)
Cole Longanecker (Austin TX)
The Colours That Rise (London UK-ENGLAND)
Critical Assembly (Austin TX)
Crows (London UK-ENGLAND)
Crunk Witch (Presque Isle ME)
Cuffed Up (Los Angeles CA)
Curse Mackey (Austin TX)
Dadabots (Boston MA)
Dan Mangan (Vancouver CANADA)
Deadbeat Beat (Detroit MI)
Dead Girls Academy (Los Angeles CA)
Death Of A Dream (Austin TX)
Del Judas (Brooklyn NY)
The Derelicts! (Ernakulam INDIA)
Deserta (Los Angeles CA)
Detalji (Helsinki FINLAND)
Didirri (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Diego Noguera (Berlin GERMANY)
Dinosaur 88 (Guatemala GUATEMALA)
Divine Interface (Atlanta GA)
Divino Niño (Chicago IL)
DOSSEY (Austin TX)
Dougie Poole (Brooklyn NY)
Dragón Rojo (Cartagena COLOMBIA)
Drew Citron (Brooklyn NY)
Duquette Johnston (Birmingham AL)
Dyllan (Los Angeles CA)
Edan Archer (Gainesville FL)
Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine (Ottawa CANADA)
Eliott (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Eliza & The Delusionals (Gold Coast AUSTRALIA)
Elizabeth Moen (Iowa City IA)
Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
Eloïse (Colchester UK-ENGLAND)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)
Eric Tessmer (Austin TX)
Esme Patterson (Denver CO)
Fabiola Roudha (Guatemala City GUATEMALA)
False Heads (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fat Tony (Houston TX)
FingerFingerrr (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Five Eight (Athens GA)
Flamingo (Milan ITALY)
Forever (Montreal CANADA)
Fraeya (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Frisco (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ganser (Chicago IL)
Garden Centre (Todmorden UK-ENGLAND)
Ghostboy Jay$ee (Austin TX)
Ghost Car (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ginger Root (Huntington Beach CA)
Go Cactus (Palma de Mallorca SPAIN)
Go Fever (Austin TX)
Gold Cage (Los Angeles CA)
Goodbye Honolulu (Toronto CANADA)
Grace Pettis (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds and Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
Gran Sur (Mexico City MEXICO)
Great Grandpa (Seattle WA)
Greyhounds (Austin TX)
The Haden Triplets (Los Angeles CA)
Harvest Thieves (Austin TX)
Hausi Kuta (Santiago CHILE)
The HawtThorns (Los Angeles CA)
Hazy Sour Cherry (Tokyo JAPAN)
Hearty Har (Los Angeles CA)
Hector Coco Barez (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
HEIR (Chisinau ITALY)
HERO (Montreal CANADA)
Holly Arrowsmith (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
Holly Macve (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Holy Boy (Los Angeles CA)
Honey Harper (London UK-ENGLAND)
Hooveriii (Los Angeles CA)
The Hormones (Chengdu CHINA)
Hotel Lux (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
I’m Glad It’s You (Redlands CA)
Ian Sweet (Los Angeles CA)
Ilgen-Nur (Berlin GERMANY)
Indrajit Banerjee (Austin TX)
INFRAR3D (Austin TX)
Invoke (Austin TX)
Jack River (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Jaguar Jonze (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Jake Etheridge (Nashville TN)
James Swanberg (Chicago IL)
Jason James (Texas City TX)
Jealous (Berlin GERMANY)
Jimmy DeTalente and The Electric Revival (Evansville IN)
JM Stevens (Austin TX)
Johnny Chops & The Razors (Austin TX)
Johnny Gates (Nashville TN)
Jona Camacho (Mexico City MEXICO)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
Julien Chang (Baltimore MD)
Kalpee (Chaguanas TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX)
Karen Jonas (Fredericksburg VA)
Karun (Nairobi KENYA)
Kate Davis (New York NY)
Katerine Duska (Athens GREECE)
Katie Malco (Northampton UK-ENGLAND)
The Keepers (Bedford UK-ENGLAND)
Kevin Daniel (Brooklyn NY)
Kevin Krauter (Indianapolis IN)
Kiana Valenciano (Manila PHILIPPINES)
Killing In Apathy (Austin TX)
Kills Birds (Los Angeles CA)
Kino Kimino (Brooklyn NY)
Knucks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Komorebi (New Delhi INDIA)
Kosha Dillz (Yafo ISRAEL)
The Kraken Quartet (Austin TX)
Kyle Emerson (Denver CO)
Lake South (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
Landon Bullard & The Mostly Sober (Austin TX)
Larkins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Lauran Hibberd (Isle of Wight UK-ENGLAND)
Le Couleur (Montreal CANADA)
Lee’s Trio (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Legal Vertigo (Montreal CANADA)
LEYA (New York NY)
Ley Line (Austin TX)
Liam Benzvi (Brooklyn NY)
Lightning Bug (Brooklyn NY)
Lisa Morales (San Antonio TX)
Little Coyote (Whitehorse CANADA)
Lizzie and The Makers (Brooklyn NY)
Lizzy & the Triggermen (Los Angeles CA)
Long Beard (New Brunswick NJ)
Lord Kesseli And The Drums (St Gallen SWITZERLAND)
Los Coast (Austin TX)
Los Kurados (Austin TX)
Los Rakas (Oakland CA)
Love & Chaos (Austin TX)
Lovelorn (Philadelphia PA)
Loyal Lobos (Los Angeles CA)
Lula Wiles (Boston MA)
Luvia (Seaford UK-ENGLAND)
Lydia Lunch (Brooklyn NY)
Macca (Wolverhampton UK-ENGLAND)
Macmorfi (Mexico City MEXICO)
Maddee (Toronto CANADA)
Maddie Medley (Franklin TN)
Magdalena Bay (Los Angeles CA)
Making Movies (Kansas City MO)
Mal Blum (Brooklyn NY)
Mamalarky (Los Angeles CA)
Mammoth Penguins (Cambridge UK-ENGLAND)
The Man Who (Toronto CANADA)
Marble Arch (Paris FRANCE)
Maréh (Cali COLOMBIA)
Marem Ladson (Madrid SPAIN)
The Matt Gilmour Band (Austin TX)
Max Pain and the Groovies (Brooklyn NY)
Melody Federer (Seattle WA)
Meltt (Vancouver CANADA)
Micaela Salaverry (Lima PERU)
Miranda and the Beat (Brooklyn NY)
Misi Ke (Taipei TAIWAN)
Mister Goblin (Washington DC)
Model Man (Chelmsford UK-ENGLAND)
Monte (San José COSTA RICA)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
Mush (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Nadia Reid (Dunedin NEW ZEALAND)
Natalia Nykiel (Warsaw POLAND)
Nathan Graham (Chicago IL)
The Natural History (Brooklyn NY)
Naya Ali (Montreal CANADA)
Neon Dreams (Halifax CANADA)
Neysa Blay (Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO)
Nicklas Sahl (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Nicole Atkins (Nashville TN)
Night Glitter (Austin TX)
Night Moves (Minneapolis MN)
Ningen Isu (Aomori JAPAN)
Normal Echo (Berlin GERMANY)
Ohmme (Chicago IL)
Overcoats (New York NY)
Pacific Jam At My Apartment (PJAMA) (Saltillo MEXICO)
Painted Zeros (Brooklyn NY)
Paranoid 1966 (Alicante SPAIN)
The Paranoyds (Los Angeles CA)
Pat Byrne (Borris IRELAND)
Patrick Sweany (Nashville TN)
Paul Benjaman Band (Tulsa OK)
Persons Of Interest (Ocho Rios JAMAICA)
Phobophobes (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Phoenix Within (Woodhaven NY)
Pike and Sutton (Austin TX)
Pillow Queens (Dublin IRELAND)
Pinky Doodle Poodle (Athens GA)
Poder Fantasma (Santiago CHILE)
Poppies (New York NY)
Poppy Jean Crawford (Los Angeles CA)
The Posies (Seattle WA)
The Prescriptions (Nashville TN)
Protex (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Psychic Bloom (Tehran IRAN)
Pub Choir (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Queue Queue (Austin TX)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
Ramon Mirabet (Barcelona SPAIN)
Ratboys (Chicago IL)
Raul Midón (Columbia MD)
Reb Fountain (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Reekado Banks (Akure NIGERIA)
Reign (Austin TX)
Reserva Fantasma (San José COSTA RICA)
Rod Melancon (Wright LA)
ROLE MODEL (Cape Elizabeth ME)
Rollingchild (Atlanta GA)
Roman Clarke (Winnipeg CANADA)
Ryan McMullan (Portaferry UK-N. IRELAND)
Salt Cathedral (Brooklyn NY)
Sammi Lanzetta (Richmond VA)
Sara King (Dallas TX)
The School (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Sea Moya (Mannheim GERMANY)
Sean Henry (Waterbury CT)
Sega Bodega (London UK-ENGLAND)
Se So Neon (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
S. Fidelity (Berlin GERMANY)
ShaunSolo (Killeen TX)
Shopping (London UK-ENGLAND)
Shubzilla x Bill Beats (Renton WA)
Siobhan Wilson (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Snotty Nose Rez Kids (Vancouver CANADA)
Soccer Mommy (Nashville TN)
Sofia Talvik (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Soriah (Portland OR)
Soul Asylum (Minneapolis MN)
SoundMass (Austin TX)
Space Tyger (Florence AL)
Star Parks (Austin TX)
The Still Tide (Denver CO)
Sue Foley (Austin TX)
Summer Heart (Malmo SWEDEN)
Swallow the Rat (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Swampmeat Family Band (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Sweet Crude (New Orleans LA)
The Talbott Brothers (Imperial NE)
TAMI (Nashville TN)
Tebi Rex (Dublin IRELAND)
The Teeta (Austin TX)
Tennis System (Los Angeles CA)
Tessellated (Kingston JAMAICA)
Tetractys New Music (Austin TX)
The Texas Gentlemen (Dallas TX)
THICK (Brooklyn NY)
Tiarra Girls (Austin TX)
Tom West (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
Tre Burt (Sacramento CA)
Tribe Mafia (Austin TX)
Triptides (Los Angeles CA)
TTBBY (Beaumont TX)
Tugboat Captain (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tuomo & Markus (feat. Pratt & Moody) (Helsinki FINLAND)
Twin Tribes (Brownsville TX)
The Vegabonds (Birmingham AL)
Vlossom (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Ward Hayden & The Outliers (Boston MA)
Wendy Colonna (San Marcos TX)
White Hills (New York NY)
Will Varley (Kent UK-ENGLAND)
Winter (Los Angeles CA)
Wire Spine (Vancouver CANADA)
The Wonder (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Worriers (Brooklyn NY)
Wow (Rome ITALY)
Xavier Martinex (Cali COLOMBIA)
Yan Jun (Shanghai CHINA)
Yawners (Madrid SPAIN)
Yb Da Widget (Nürnberg GERMANY)
yonawo (Muromi City JAPAN)
The Young Something (Tampa FL)
Yung Bryse (Austin TX)
YYYN0T (San Antonio TX)
Zach Schmidt (Nashville TN)