The new Horizon Forbidden West trailer is jaw-droppingly beautiful

Horizon Forbidden West

The latest PlayStation State of Play broadcast was an extended Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer. And what a trailer it was. Sony has a long history of dropping spectacular gameplay trailers at E3 time and this was no exception.

The new Horizon Forbidden West trailer sees series heroine Aloy battling back a mysterious rebel army. She must wage a guerilla war to slow them down, amid the ruins of what appears to be San Francisco.

There’s a raft of new abilities for Aloy, including a grappling hook and a Breath of the Wild style glider. She’s also got access to a breathing mask allowing her to dive underwater without needing to come up for air. This opens up entire new underwater biomes for Aloy to explore and use to her advantage in combat.

But the real standout in the new Horizon Forbidden West trailer is the visuals. If you’ve been waiting for a graphical knock-out punch from the PlayStation 5, this is it. The water, the foliage, the lighting, the clothing, Aloy’s hair. The way the ad-hoc pillbox on the back of the giant robot elephant disintegrates when Aloy puts enough damage into it. The way the sand puffs and billows when explosions go off in it.

We’re not sure what Guerilla Games had to sacrifice to get the game looking the way it does but, damn, we reckon it was worth it. There were a handful of frame rate hitches throughout the video, and it’s nice to see Sony showcase a trailer “warts-and-all,” as it were. In years and E3’s past, frame hitches like those would have been forbidden. Here, it’s a clear indicator that a) the game is still very much in development, and b) it’s pushing the PS5 hardware pretty hard.

The Horizon Forbidden West trailer ended without a release date. This is interesting considering Sony was adamant about a 2021 launch window when it announced the game last year. Regardless, consider our appetites thoroughly whet. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 when Guerilla decides its go-time.

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David Smith

David Smith is the former games and technology editor at The AU Review. He has previously written for PC World Australia. You can find him on Twitter at @RhunWords.

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