Scarlet Nexus drops new trailer along with playable demo

Scarlet Nexus

On Friday, the Xbox YouTube channel released a special treat for all fans with the official Scarlet Nexus Demo Trailer. If you are not familiar with Scarlet Nexus, it’s a single-player action RPG releasing on June 25th 2021 on PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S. The game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and even has an anime adaptation produced by Sunrise. The game can be pre-ordered on the Microsoft store for AUD $99.95.

What is Scarlet Nexus?

In Scarlet Nexus, gamers will take control of two-character named Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall who will need to defend New Himuka from vicious and mysterious creatures called “the others.” As you advance through the story you will also meet other allies to assist in your journey. If you are curious about what these heroes look like, just head over to the official Scarlet Nexus website and check out their cosplay guides to learn more about the lore.

Description from Bandai:

“In a far distant future, a psionic hormone was discovered in the human brain, granting people extra-sensory powers and changing the world as we know it. Just as humanity was entering this new era, deranged mutants known as Others began to descend from the sky with a thirst for human brains. 

Highly resistant to conventional attack methods, extreme measures needed to be taken to battle the overwhelming threat and preserve humanity. Those with acute extra-sensory abilities, known as psionics, were our chance to fight the onslaught from above. To this day, psionics have been scouted for their talents and recruited to the Other Suppression Force (OSF), humanity’s last line of defence.”

You will use weapons like swords as well as psychic abilities to throw objects at monsters. Your skills and abilities can be upgraded through the brain map system. In a Dev Diary YouTube video, the developers talk about how the others are a massive threat to humanity.

These mysterious creatures rain from the sky and are on the prowl to consume human brains. The others have no consciousness at all and just attack humans using their instructs. They can be compared to earthquakes in Japan and seen as natural disasters occurring on a daily basis.

The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and Simply looks incredible. I am looking forward to giving it a shot on the Xbox Series X, where the graphics and gameplay will be fully optimized. It really has that anime feel and looks crisp when watching the trailer. It kind of has Final Fantasy vibes for me. Right now there are a ton RPGs on Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft is really giving RPG fans a lot of options to play now and in the future.

Features for Xbox:

  • Xbox One X Enhancement
  • 4K resolution
  • Xbox Series X Optimized
  • Smart Delivery

We are looking forward to seeing how this game performs when it released at the end of June. Stay tuned!

The Official Scarlet Nexus Demo Trailer

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