Games Review: Accounting Plus (PSVR, 2018): Rick and Morty meets The Stanley Parable

Trying to market Account + VR would be like trying to drag a pizza delivery man away from dancing on the side of the road and showing him the power of social media advertising. It’s pointless, the only thing that can help advertise this wonderful, engaging, hilarious adult experience is to just yell at people to play it. OR, you can tell everyone you know that it is created by the very team that has brought us Rick and Morty (Justin Roiland) and the Stanley Parable (William Pugh), that sold me instantly! Who doesn’t want to put a pair of Virtual Reality goggles on and get lost in a cartoonish nightmare with those two yelling expletives at you for a few hours?

The description on the PlayStation store is even more hilarious, it takes pride in knowing that it is a short experience (not as short as the disappointing Stranger Things VR Experience or Spiderman Homecoming VR) and a ridiculous one at that, the game (or interactive experience) takes about 2 hours to complete and leaves you wanting to go back in and try things differently once more.

Describing what the game is about will not prepare you for the experience it gives you, suffice to say you are a newly hired accounting clerk, you have a desk and a stapler (what more could you want?) and a pair of nitwits telling you that they have a new accounting experience they would like you to try for the first time, you place an in-game set of VR goggles on and are transported inside, the inside, of the VR.

Within the first few minutes of entering the first of many completely insane worlds and their characters, you are being screamed at by a talking head reaching out of a nearby tree “get the Fuck outta here man, this is my home, what are you doing? You’re not welcome here!” Picking up one of the in-game objects is followed by another whiplashing “Hey, put that down, that’s not yours that’s mine, what the fuck man? Put it down, get out of here!” It just took me by surprise, I laughed so much I nearly cried, it could be that it was the voice of Rick & Morty’s Justin Roiland doing a very Morty voice, but I think it was the smooth transition between the yelling and conversations of these characters and my interaction with the environment that made it feel real and important. I felt like I was in one of their Interdimensional Cable TV Shows and I could not have been happier for it.

As the game goes on your actions have consequences that lead to even more insane outcomes and an objective to get the hell out of VR and back to the office. I don’t want to spoil anything else, just get this experience now if you are a fan of excellent VR immersion, Rick & Morty, The Stanley Parable or just plain laugh out loud adult humour (Definitely not for kids).

Experience Score: 9.0 out of 10
Highlights:  Brilliantly immersive cartoon experience, Justin Roiland’s voice work is hilarious, fully replayable for slightly varied levels. Short and Sweet.
Lowlights:  Too short, your actions don’t change enough of the outcome, some finicky interaction issues.
Developer: Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo
Publisher:  Crows Crows Crows
Available:  Now
Platforms: PlayStation VR


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