Destiny 2: Forsaken has dropped on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC

Described as the most transformative moment in Destiny history, Forsaken changes the way players fight and broadens character progression, giving the player more freedom of choice. Receiving global acclaim since it’s release in 2014, the franchise’s latest offering tells a dark and vengeful story in the Destiny universe.

Featuring a new frontier, untold mysteries and an all-new cooperative and competitive activity called Gambit, the Destiny 2 experience has evolved to appeal to it’s dedicated community. According to the General Manger for Destiny at Bungie, Jonty Barnes, Forsaken offers “a deeply personal storyline, loads of content crafted for players who love Destiny, and a massive, new destination built to specifically house an endgame experience like never before.”

Both veteran and new players are offered an enormous range of gameplay experiences with this latest expansion. Executive Vice President and General Manager for Destiny at Activism Byron Beede acknowledges that “Destiny has a remarkably diverse community of players.”

Destiny 2: Forsaken will be available at a suggested retail price of $59.95 AUD. The product lineup will feature:

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken – Digital Deluxe Edition at $114.95 AUD (includes Forsaken, The Forsaken Annual Pass and The Awoken Legend Set)
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection at $99.95 AUD
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken – Complete Collection at $149.95 AUD

on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, exclusively on

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