Surprise! RUN have dropped their latest EP, True Heaviness Is Time TODAY!

Melbourne’s very own post-metalcore quintet RUN emerges with their sophomore EP, True Heaviness Is Time, dropping as a surprise release today. This six-track EP builds on the raw energy and emotion of their previous work, blending crushing heaviness with lush melodies. Self-produced by guitarist Lewis Noke-Edwards and mixed by the acclaimed Forrester Savell, the EP boasts an array of guest vocalists, including Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction, John Floreani of Trophy Eyes, and Sophie Jest of R.U.B. The sci-fi-inspired cover art by Patrick Galvin further enhances the aesthetic of this ambitious project.

Forming just before the pandemic, RUN started as a project for vocalist Lochlan Watt to channel a sound uniquely his own, granting him creative control after years of touring with various bands. Their debut EP, For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet, was rushed to completion following Watt’s brain tumour diagnosis, and the band faced a halt in touring due to the pandemic. Finally performing live in 2022, RUN re-emerged in 2023 with the single “Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer,” showcasing a full lineup and a fresh, resentful vigour.

The title track, “True Heaviness Is Time” opens the EP with an eerie, space-like intro that quickly escalates into a powerful verse. The instrumentation is relentless, featuring grungy, industrial guitars that set a frenetic pace. While the vocals are intense and not always decipherable, they complement the high energy of the music. The track relies heavily on instrumental prowess, making it a gripping start to the EP.

Featuring Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction, “Spring” continues with grungy guitars, enhanced by melodic interludes. The interplay between Watt’s and Birch’s vocals creates a dynamic contrast, with Birch’s slightly more comprehensible screams adding depth. A standout moment is the guitar solo towards the end, reminiscent of late 80s/90s glam rock, providing a nostalgic yet fresh element to the track.

“Summer” explodes with energy from the outset, showcasing John Floreani’s beautiful and melodic vocals as a feature on the track. It diverges from the heavier tones of the previous songs, offering a refreshing change of pace. The blend of melodic and heavy elements highlights Floreani’s versatility and adds a layer of emotional complexity to the EP.

“Autumn” is an intense sonic experience, characterised by high-energy, industrial sounds that can feel overwhelming. The chorus features more yelling than screaming, which adds a different texture to the track. While the overall vibe may be anxiety-inducing for some, the breakdown towards the end, with its rich bass lines and energetic outro, redeems the track.

Opening with a commanding presence, “Winter” features Sophie Jest’s versatile vocals, which initially carry an emo/grungy edge that melds perfectly with the dense instrumentals. As the track evolves, Jest’s delivery transforms into an ethereal, choir-like refrain, especially poignant when she intones, “I can see the stars from here.” This celestial shift infuses the song with a hauntingly beautiful quality. The juxtaposition of heavy instrumentation and her otherworldly vocals creates a striking and memorable highlight on the EP.

The closing track, “One Way Out,” immediately reminded me of early Trophy Eyes, only heavier. Midway through, the tempo shifts dramatically, cutting to a minimalist drum section before surging back with renewed vigour, adding a theatrical touch. The inclusion of a spoken word segment, an archival recording of a lovers’ conversation, feels somewhat misplaced, momentarily disrupting the track’s momentum. Nevertheless, the song concludes on a powerful note, effectively bringing the EP to a compelling close.

True Heaviness Is Time is a compelling testament to RUN’s ever-evolving sound. The EP’s intricate guitar riffs, industrial textures, and visceral vocal performances create an immersive auditory experience. Guest vocalists inject vital diversity and contrast, ensuring each track stands distinct. Lyrical themes of pain, suffering, and resilience are intricately woven throughout, echoing Lochlan Watt’s personal battles and ultimate triumph over brain cancer. While not entirely revolutionary, this EP fortifies RUN’s standing in the post-metalcore scene and heralds a promising and dynamic future for the band.


True Heaviness Is Time is out now. You can give RUN a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

The band will be launching the EP at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy on Saturday, the 6th of July 2024 – tickets HERE