Book Review: Return to Ellest with Helen Scheuerer’s Dawn of Mist

Dawn of Mist

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since Helen Scheuerer wrapped up The Oremere Chronicles with the action-packed War of Mist. But Scheuerer isn’t about to let fans struggle through isolation without the company of Bleak, Henri, and the gang.

Hitting bookshelves on April 16th, Dawn of Mist takes place before the events of the Amazon best-selling series. Consisting of sixteen short stories – some released during The Oremere Chronicles original run, as well some unique to this collection – it’s a loving tribute to a band of characters that have captivated readers over the last few years.

Ashai mind-reader Bleak is back on the docks, drinking to repress a power she cannot control; Valian warrior Henri is preparing for her sister to rise to the occasion and lead their people; Commander Swinton has met a beautiful, brilliant woman and has fallen in love; and young Dash, the stable boy, has befriended a lonely princess.

For those that have worked their way through the series and the already released prequels, there’s perhaps not quite enough here to justify a new purchase, but Swinton and Henri in particular do benefit from the extra word count. It’s both a pleasure and a heartache to revisit them and add to their already impressive main series arcs.

Newcomers to the series, however, should probably steer clear. With a few big reveals from the main trilogy covered here, Scheuerer herself warns against beginning things with Dawn of Mist. After all, who wants a plot twist spoiled for them? This is certainly one for the completionists, rather than the first-timers.

Overall Dawn of Mist may not be entirely necessary, but it’s still a welcome and well-crafted gift. Scheuerer’s writing and world-building is as engaging as ever, making visiting these old friends a breeze for self-isolating fans.


Helen Scheuerer’s Dawn of Mist is out on April 16th. Pre-order your copy through the Talem Press website. Check out our recent interview with Helen HERE.

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