Book Review: Debra Dank’s We Come With This Place is an unforgettable read

We Come With This Place

Debra Dank’s We Come With This Place is an outstanding and remarkable book. It’s an unforgettable read, packed with rich detail regarding Dank’s own family history; but also the broader story of Country and people. 

It is a vivid and profound story that is told with great honesty and depth. I have never before felt so connected to an Indigenous story, and I felt blessed that I got to experience life through her and her family’s eyes. This story is testament to her people, and their resilience in the face of so much. 

We Come With This Place was such an evocative read. You’ll feel and smell the dust under foot, the ever-present burning heat of the sun, and the exuberance of a nighttime campfire. You will almost feel like part of Dank’s family, experiencing Gudanji Country how it once was. 

A deeply personal and profound tribute to family and country, this book will open your eyes to how Australia was before the arrival of the Marndaji. It provides an alternative and valuable alternative to the mainstream history of Australia. It’s a real first class story that needs to be read, and read widely. 


Debra Dank’s We Come With This Place is available now from Echo Publishing. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.

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