Author: Claire Arnold

Album Review: alt-J – RELAXER (2017 LP)

June 4, 2017

UK indie-rockers alt-J first sent shock waves through the music world back in 2012, following the release of their debut album An Awesome Wave. Pocketing a Mercury Music Prize, an Ivor Novello ‘Album Award’ for songwriting and three BRIT award nominations, the band quickly rose to international acclaim, hooking listeners far and wide with their […]

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Looking back at Hein Cooper’s gorgeous 2016 album, The Art of Escape

March 28, 2017

Sydney based singer/songwriter Hein Cooper has progressed in leaps and bounds following the release of his debut EP in 2015, captivating listeners with soaring vocals, eclectic soundscapes and abstract lyrics. Initially found playing covers in bars five nights a week, Cooper emerged on the global stage in a whirlwind, receiving praise on Triple J Unearthed, […]

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Album Review: The Franklin Electric – This Is How I Let You Down (2016 LP)

March 26, 2017

Canadian four-piece The Franklin Electric have been moving and shaking in the folk scene since 2012, entering and winning a Nashville songwriting competition with over 8000 other bands from around the world. Flavoured with alternative pop, their debut LP This Is How I Let You Down layers perceptive lyrics with string-based harmonies, emotive piano chords and their self-proclaimed secret weapon, the […]

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Album Review: Emma Louise – Supercry (2016 LP)

July 21, 2016

Brisbane artist Emma Louise took the music world by storm at 19 years of age, producing a debut EP that earned her a nomination for the 2011 J Award Unearthed Artist of the Year. A beacon of raw musical talent she soon had a debut full-length album and an ARIA nomination under her belt. Sophomore […]

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Album Review: RÜFÜS – Bloom (2016 LP)

February 25, 2016

Sydney based trio RÜFÜS first set disco balls turning in 2010. Following two EPs and a debut full-length album, listeners all around the world were grooving to their smooth indie-electronica music. Sophomore album, Bloom, is a lush progression of the catchy hooks, soaring vocals and entrancing dance vibes that the Sydneysiders have effortlessly disseminated for over five years. […]

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Album Review: The Jezabels – SYNTHIA (2016 LP)

February 10, 2016

Sydney four-piece The Jezabels have progressed in leaps and bounds following their 2007 debut. With four awards under their belt, the band has enthralled listeners with innovative soundscapes and lyrical prowess. Weaving between different genres their latest release, SYNTHIA is a product of stunning composition and production. A cohesive body of work, each track maintains individuality […]

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Album Review: Dustin Tebbutt – Home (2015 Mini-Album)

November 4, 2015

Home is masterful in its ability to seep into your very core. Seven ethereal tracks have the potency to achieve an eternal and total state of calm. Repeated references to nature establish a lyrical motif that effectively communicates the complexity and volatility of the human heart. Increased layers of instrumental create a sophisticated sound that […]

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Jordi Davieson of San Cisco (Fremantle) talks Gracetown regional tour, creativity and drinking coconuts

October 26, 2015

Fremantle’s iconic San Cisco are at the tail end of a month long regional tour for their sophomore album, Gracetown. Named after a chilled coastal town in Western Australia the record has received extensive praise for its lusciously smooth peanut butter vibes. The indie pop quartet have ripped up the stage on back-to-back Australian and […]

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Album Review: Pierce Brothers – Into The Dirt (2015 EP)

October 19, 2015

Into the Dirt is the brand new EP from dynamic duo, the Pierce Brothers. Having gained a stellar reputation through busking on Melbourne’s streets, the multi-instrumentalists have taken to the world stage with passion and ferocity. Earthy acoustics are skillfully executed, their DIY approach oozing with folk. Lyrical narratives are delivered with sincerity and grit, tranquil […]

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