Author: Alexis Buxton-Collins

The best spots for a late night drink at this year’s Dark Mofo

There’s a reason Tasmania’s capital was known as “Slowbart” long before Dark Mofo (6-23 June) livened up those long winter nights. It gets seriously cold, and without a mental map of places to stay warm, navigating the city in the depths of winter can be a challenge. Fortunately Hobart’s many bars know how to put…

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Ramada’s Dead Sea Resort Review: Visiting the world’s oldest spa in Jordan

The Dead Sea can hardly be claimed as a new attraction. When Christ was born not even 50km away, Cleopatra had already built the world’s first spas on the shore of the famously salty lake, so that she could bathe in the mineral-rich waters and retain her youthful looks. Clearly it worked, and many others…

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