Exclusive Single Premiere: JaZZella “Quit Bitchin'”

Today we’re stoked to be premiering the new track from JaZZella! “Quit Bitchin’” is the latest from the travelling musician, showcasing a playful, soulful sound that’s the perfect antidote to the current cold snap – even if those cheeky lyrics bite just as hard as the wind!

“Quit Bitchin'” is the third glimpse we’ve had of JaZZella’s upcoming debut album StarZ & GuitarZ. Following on from “Shoot” and “You Ma Dude”, “Quit Bitchin'” promises more of the catchy hooks and vibrant story-telling we’ve come to expect from the Sunshine Coast singer.

Of the track, JaZZella says:

“If you’ve experienced a bad friendship “Quit Bitchin’” is the anthem for you! It’s always a shock when you hear that one of your best friends has started talking smack about you… Sometimes you’ve gotta stand up for yourself and tell them to Quit Bitchin!

“I scribbled the lyrics into my diary one night not knowing that this could turn out to be the most playful little banger on my EP full of light-hearted melodies, a bold attitude, sassy remarks and fiercely distorted riffs on my electric guitar ‘SparkleZ’! Despite the strong message, this song begins and ends with a gentle and vulnerable tone that also reminds me of the sadness and hurt of the situation.”

Give it a spin below!

JaZZella’s “Quit Bitchin'” is out tomorrow.

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Jodie Sloan

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