Day: 10 February 2024

Live Review: P!NK soars, the rain pours and the crowd adores

The last time P!NK was in Australia and New Zealand, in 2018, she played to over half a million fans grossing over 100 Million dollars and setting the standard for massive arena shows. She is an artist that will leave big gaps in her touring schedule to allow for extra shows and that meant her…

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Film Review: Marmalade is a twist-heavy, enthusiastic caper

There’s a lot of blunt symbolism and are-they-too-clever-for-their-own-good?-plot twists abound in Marmalade, the feature debut from actor-turned-writer/director Keir O’Donnell (the Australian-American talent known for his roles in Wedding Crashers, American Sniper, and The Dry).  It’s an ultimately zippy, enthusiastic caper that probably puts a few too many of its eggs in its culminating basket, but…

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