Day: 1 March 2021

Pizza Hut Australia now delivers some of the country’s favourite beers

Forget the 1.25L bottle of Coke with your Pizza Hut Australia order. From today, the inescapable pizza brand is now chucking beer on the menu. From $20, you can slap a six-pack on top of your pizza (or wings or pasta) order, although the concept has only so far rolled out in Queensland and Victoria….

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The Walrus and the Whistleblower

Transitions Film Festival Review: The Walrus and the Whistleblower submerges its important issues in water

Lots of us know Free Willy but what about Free Smooshi? The latter campaign started after a former trainer at Canada’s Marineland water park went rogue. He took to Twitter to make allegations about animal abuse at his former employer. The documentary, The Walrus & the Whistleblower tells this sad story. Nathalie Bibeau directs this…

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Don't Feed The Ducks

Adelaide Fringe Review: Amy Hetherington on why not to feed the ducks

Amy Hetherington’s one-person stand-up show Don’t Feed The Ducks is a little of a misnomer. If you are expecting an hour of duck jokes, you’d be disappointed. There are duck jokes. But, there’s also a whole lot more to the show. From the moment that the audience are squeezed into the broom-cupboard sized Hell’s Kitchen at…

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