Day: 21 January 2021

Drunk Tank Pink

Album of the Week: Shame – Drunk Tank Pink (2021 LP)

After the absolute shitstorm of 2020, you’d have thought 2021 would hopefully deliver some sort of reprieve. After losing pretty much every avenue of income last year, English band Shame pinned all their hopes on 2021 being the year they could thrive, via touring their new album Drunk Tank Pink. Slaving away through last year…

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The Space Between

Album Review: Illy – The Space Between (2021 LP)

COVID-19 and lockdown delayed the release of Illy’s sixth studio album The Space Between by eight months. Although for an album three years in the making, a bit of patience wasn’t too much to ask for both artist and his fanbase. He’s dropped plenty of singles in the meantime. Melbourne-based Illy, Alasdair Murray, hadn’t put…

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Book Review: Lose yourself in Leslie Thiele’s short story collection Skyglow

A woman adjusts to her new urban landscape. A slaughterman comes to terms with the death of his wife. A rodeo ringer blows into town, wreaking havoc. These are just a handful of the eclectic characters, locations, and stories that come gloriously together in Leslie Thiele‘s recent collection Skyglow. Bouncing from the past to the…

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Exclusive Single Premiere: LANKS “Cold Blood” (2021)

LANKS is the solo project for Will Cuming. Cuming, an Australian native but now residing in Brooklyn, NY is a producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been working on a double-album, Spirits Pt. 1. and 2. Pt 1. was released late last year and features exclusively guest vocalists. Pt 2. sees LANKS taking control of the…

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