Day: 10 October 2012

Film Review: El Narco (Mexico, 2010)

Originally titled El Infierno (aka Hell), Luis Estrada’s black comedy El Narco is a brutally twisted, yet darkly humorous perspective on the political, social and economic impacts of drug trafficking in Mexico. Released on the bicentennial of Mexican Independence Day 2010, the controversial film has found commercial and critical success in its home country despite attempts to stop its…

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the AU interview at Culture Collide: Gold Fields (Australia)

Larry talked to Vin and Ryan of Gold Fields about their new album, Black Sun: why it had to be recorded three times, what it will sound like, and their touring to support it.

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the AU [audio] interview at Culture Collide: The Balconies (Canada)

While I was at Culture Collide in Los Angeles, I caught up with up-and-coming Canadian trio The Balconies to talk about their music and much more… Audio edit by Tiffany Britchford.

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