WATCH: The official trailer for Game of Thrones’ final season has arrived

Just days after the internet started buzzing with talks that the forthcoming final season of Game of Thrones will feature “the longest consecutive battle sequence ever committed to film”, the official trailer has arrived.

As you can expect, details are fairly scarce on exactly how the season will play out, but we have been given plenty of scenes to pick apart and discuss over the next few weeks.

So what do we see? Plenty of Arya, actually. And she’s running from something, or someone that may or may not be the White Walkers. We see Varys hiding with women and children. We see Tormund, Beric and Edd, alive and well-ish. We see Bran giving Sam a pep talk about fate. We see Grey Worm preparing for battle. We see Jamie all dirtied up after a fight. We see The Golden Company. We see Cersei cry-smirking and drinking wine, looking terrified. We see Dany’s two remaining dragons flying through icy terrain. We see The Hound looking angry in front of fire (Cleganebowl please). We see Dany closing her eyes, in what appears to be defeat (or at least disappointment). And most importantly, we see a skeleton hoof clomping down in front of an army, led by Podrick, Brienne and Jorah.

Watch the trailer below, at least 10 times; there’s a lot to take in.

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones will be made up of six lengthy episodes and is set to premiere on April 14th.

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