TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1, Episode 6 “The Killer of Killers” (USA, 2015)

While The Killer of Killers may have served as a pit stop on the road to the seasons inevitable grizzly end, it may well have been the best episode since the pilot.

Like many of the best episodes in the season, The Killer of Killers benefits from cramming its narrative and action into one isolated location. On their way to the cabin, the gang stop off at a diner as Ash tries to warn Pablo and Kelly about what they’re getting in to. Meanwhile Detective Fisher pinpoints their location and calls in her superiors.

While Ash macks on the waitress, Kelly and Pablo discuss their now very complicated relationship in the trailer. All hell breaks loose when  the Necronomicon starts reacting to the necklace Pablo’s uncle gave to him and the evil shows up at the diner.

The Killer of Killers is probably the most complete episode yet and one that showcases all the shows zany nuances.

I never expected Ash vs Evil Dead to present any real character exploration but it’s starting to seep in through all of the blood and guts and silly one liners. Pablo begins to grow more and more confused with his relationship with Kelly after she recently tried to seduce him during her demon phase. And Kelly is becoming increasingly more bloodthirsty and revenge drunk since her father was killed. Ash is starting to show his sensitive side a little more by showing his concern for his new cohorts and it’s hard to ignore the idea that somewhere down the line he’s going to pay for being emotionally invested.

Even Amanda is beginning to develop a bit more. She has always been kind of a one note character, stagnant and necessary for a sub-plot but she is now starting to realise just what she is up against and who the real bad guys are. I now see why the show runners wanted her to catch up with Ash so quickly.

And while we’re on the subject of my misgivings, I now concede that Ruby is still as mysterious and as she always was. Each episode usually begins with Ruby’s current status on her hunt to to find Ash and then we don’t see her again until the next week. They serve as nice little teasers and with her seemingly dying while falling into a pit of fire with a demon this week, I can safely say that no one has any idea what this woman is up to.

Now when Amanda finally corners Ash in the bathroom (he stupidly thought he was about to get it on with the aforementioned waitress) The Killer of Killers erupts into the goriest and most action packed scene that the show has put on.

When Ash is just on the verge of being arrested and taken into custody, the evil crashes into the diner, launching two girls through the window in a wonderfully filmed slow mo shot that may well be the most impressive thing in seven episodes.

What follows is probably the second most impressive then as the violence is ramped up and Ash vs Evil Dead really drives home that need for an R 18+ rating. I’m talking ice skates buried into heads, intestines falling out of deadites and even a kid getting tangled up and mutilated in a ceiling fan. Hell, Kelly uses a slicer in the kitchen to butcher Nancy, the nonreciprocating waitress and when that malfunctions, she caves her skull in with a meat tenderizer while profusely spouting profanities. This is why we watch this show. If you need a side of depth of and emotion and character development with your violence then The Walking Dead is still airing, but Ash vs Evil Dead shines when it is letting the body parts fly in unique and inventive ways.

The Killer of Killers was a standout in every regard. Funny, character driven and action packed, if every episode were to follow this very simple formula, we’re going to have a must-see series on our hands.


      • Best episode since the pilot
      • Beautifully shot slow-mo scene
      • Gore hounds will have a field day
      • Characters are starting to feel distinct


        • That it had to end?


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