The Wheel of Time and Neil Gaiman are coming to Amazon Prime Video

A subsidiary of Amazon, known as Amazon Studios focuses on developing TV series, distributing and producing films and comics from online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback. The company have dropped some pretty exciting news at a star studded Amazon Prime Video event in London. Now, if you don’t know what Amazon Prime Video is, then you’re like a “Netflixer”, but this announcement might make you want to rethink that decision, and have you branch out with your choice of streaming services.

Firstly, the one hour action fantasy The Wheel of Time will premiere globally on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories. The Wheel of Time sounds like another bad game show we don’t need to watch so let me just give you some more info before you judge!

Based upon Robert Jordan’s best selling fantasy novels which have sold more than 90 million copies, The Wheel of Time is set in a land where magic exists. However… ONLY women have access to it! You know what that means… reality is flipped and women have all the power. With a focus on humanity, this thrilling story also dives in to many elements of European and Asian culture and philosophy. The idea behind reincarnation in Buddhism and Hinduism makes us fall in love with characters as they embark on a conquest with the potential to either save or destroy humanity. It’s about time this insightful story and epic landscape made its way on to screens.

As Executive producer Rafe Judkins explains:

“this book has served as a world to escape to, to lose yourself in, to devour and inhabit completely. And I couldn’t be more honoured to be the one finally bringing that world to life on screen, for old fans to lose themselves in all over again and new fans to lose themselves in all over again and new fans to discover for the very first time.”

On top of that news, it was also announced that award winning writer Neil Gaiman has signed an exclusive television deal with Amazon Studios. You might already know Gaiman from the quirky but ever so entertaining Coraline, or for being the New York Times best selling author for the novels Neverwhere, Stardust, American Gods, Anansi Bots, and the Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Gaiman had already worked with Amazon studios on the highly anticipated series Good Omens and clearly just couldn’t keep away as this romance blossomed. He raves about Amazon studios saying:

“They are smart, gloriously enthusiastic people, who weren’t afraid of Good Omens being different but who were as determined as I was to make something as unique and exciting as it is.  I’m thrilled to know that I’ll have a home at Amazon in the future where I can make television that nobody’s seen before, that’s quite unlike Good Omens, but just as unusual and just as much fun.”

Jennifer Salke, the Head of Amazon Studios explains “Neil Gaiman is a phenomenally talented writer, who creates worlds that are compelling, multi-dimensional and narratively unique.” With this huge addition to the team, helping to create enthralling and captivating TV on top of the introduction of The Wheel of Time series, Amazon Studios is set to make its mark on the ever changing entertainment industry.

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