The Iris’ 10 Silliest Super Hero Names of all time…

In the lead up to the July 16th release of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man we’re taking a look into the comic realm and some of the silliest super hero names. Generally the ridiculous names also mean that our heroes have some pretty ludicrous super powers too, and some of them are just downright lame.

Man Thing

the man thing

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Created by: Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Gray Morrow
He’s a big giant swamp creature that when you sense fear and he touches you, you burn to death. Sounds a bit like a villain but in actual fact he tends to save those in peril.

Howard The Duck

howard the duck

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Created by: Steve Gerber, Val Mayerik
He’s a bit like a cranky Donald but with a better grasp of the English language. He doesn’t really have superpowers aside from his Quack-Fu that he uses to overpower larger opponents, but generally his stories are a satirical take on the world. You may also remember him from his brief post Guardians of the Galaxy end credits scene.

Booster Gold

booster gold

Publisher: DC Comics
Created by: Dan Jurgens
He’s a bit of a showboat superhero who exploited some of his future knowledge to stage some high publicity heroics. But over the course of his comic life suffers a number of personal tragedies that makes him begin to realise the true meaning of being a hero. His name however has nothing to do with his super powers but just a stroke of awkward coincidence of the President mixing his two nicknames up.

Arm Fall-Off Boy

arm fall off boy

Publisher: DC Comics
Created by: Unknown
When your superpower results in you being able to deatch your own limbs and use them as blunt objects to beat your villains with, I don’t think there’s any other name that could really come to mind. Though admittedly they don’t really “fall off” as such as he pulls them off.

Rainbow Girl

rainbow girl

Publisher: DC Comics
Created by: Edmond Hamilton (script), John Forte (art)
Rainbow Girl’s powers are from the mysterious “emotional spectrum”, and she has a tendency to use her powers more for fun. She was also able to create a pheromone field that resembled a rainbow and made her personality irresistible to those around her. I guess being irresistible could be considered a super power?

Matter Eater Lad

matter eater lad

Publisher: DC Comics
Created by: Jerry Siegel, John Forte
Due to his home planet being poisoned all those from Bismoll developed the ability to eat any form of matter in order to survive. I wonder if eating different things causes him to gain or lose weight? He’s certainly not the poster guy for Lite ‘n’ Easy.


the whizzer

Publisher: Timely Comics, Marvel Comics
Created by: Al Avison
He’s like Marvel’s version of The Flash, but probably not the greatest of names when it makes you think of a certain other thing that happens if you need to go to the bathroom.

Bouncing Boy

bouncing boy

Publisher: DC Comics
Created by: Jerry Siegel, Jim Mooney
After accidentally drinking what he thought was soda, Chuck Taine gained the ability to transform his body into a giant ball. I’m not entirely sure how being a human sized beach ball counts as a super power but he’d be great fun at pool parties.

3-D Man

3d man

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Created by: Roy Thomas, Jim Craig
A costumed hero that exists through the combined powers of Chuck and Hal Chandler. The origin of 3-D man is a little mind-bendingly weird and Chuck (3-D Man) can only exist in three dimensional form for three hours at which point his brother Hal would regain conciousness.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

negasonic teenage warhead

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Created by: Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely
With telepathy and precognitive abilities to be her superpowers, what’s really super is how this oddly named character managed to be selected to be in the forthcoming Deadpool movie portrayed by Brianna Hildebrand.

Ant Man is in cinemas this Thursday.


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