Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Review: Singled [Out] is too brief to make a true impact, but it is still worth a look

  • Harris Dang
  • June 22, 2019
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Singled [Out] is a new documentary by directors Mariona Guiu and Ariadna Relea; and the premise is what really struck out to me, as we follow the lives of five women (under 30) of different backgrounds (Australia, Turkey, Spain and two women from China), and how they live their lives with their choices, whether they are decided amongst themselves or are decided for them. The film is also interspersed with interviews from experts — who mention ideas of what women want out of a man and vice versa; and how these ideas have evolved over time.

Through each women, we see the societal and filial pressures and obstacles that these women go through that affect them in ways that not only affect their livelihood, but also their future plans and wishes. Even though these women are from many parts of the world, they all have different upbringings, cultural and language differences, it is quite interesting to see that they are all end up in one single conclusive question: why do they need a man to be complete?

Monogamy is a theme that is examined in the film, in which such a theme is put up on a pedestal and is programmed by upbringing. Melek, the woman from Turkey, is an example where everyone around her tells her that she needs a man for protection. Yet, a hypocritical point stands out due to her place of upbringing; being that when women everyday are being killed by the men around them (husbands, fathers and family members), wouldn’t the mention of protection be considered a moot point?

As much as how fascinating these points are, it is a bit unfortunate that the 67-minute running time can only afford so much examination, since its ideas are incredibly dense and can easily stretch to a 2-hour runtime. But the final result is that Singled [Out] is more of a peek than an actual analysis, but there are some worthwhile, illuminating moments that make it worth a look.


Singled [Out] plays as part of Melbourne’s International Documentary Film Festival. For more information and tickets head HERE.

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