Come On and Slam with Brand New WWE SuperCard Event Packs

WWE SuperCard took me largely by surprise. It’s easy to be cynical about mobile titles, particularly with their consistent reliance on microtransactions and invasive advertising, but WWE SuperCard largely avoids those common pitfalls with robust gameplay and a multitude of fun modes to keep you occupied.

Having launched in 2014, some content may feel dated, but with constant new additions and frequent special events – such as the recent Valentine’s Day promotion, and brand new Mixed Match Challenge packs – there’s plenty new to enjoy.

The gameplay is fairly simple – players collect cards, each with various stats, and face them off against powerful opponents across a variety of modes. SuperCard is delightfully tongue in cheek, featuring ridiculous battles where cards enact staple wrestling moves from spears to body slams and even top rope splashes. Victory is dependent on balancing card stats – power, toughness, speed and charisma – with those of your opponents.

Pictured: Bae J Styles

The starter pack I received was interesting, largely because it highlighted to me how much WWE had changed in just four years. Among my selection of cards were Emma, Adam Rose, Ryback, Jack Swagger, Darren Young, and Stardust (you were so much better than this, Cody), all of whom have long since left the company. The roster is largely based on its 2014 iteration, however, additional packs contain newer WWE stars like AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Sami Zayn.

For its Valentine’s Day promotion, WWE SuperCard introduced brand new ‘Candy Heart’ packs, which functioned as mystery superstar packs. On Valentine’s Day (or the 15th for Australians), each of these mystery hearts turned into a special superstar Valentine cards.

I’m delighted to report that my Valentine’s for this year included AJ Styles, Finn Balor (who emerged from a Candy Heart with the label ‘too sweet’), Goldust, Eddie Guerrero, Big E, Trish Stratus and Roman Reigns. I was also very happy to receive a ‘surfer’ Sting in my Season 4 pack alongside my collection of eligible bachelors.

While the card collection process is genuinely enjoyable, the real meat of the game lies in its robust selection of gameplay modes, based off WWE PPVs and SuperCard‘s own unique battle styles. These events include Money in the Bank, where players compete to earn points and claim the MITB contract, as well as King of the Ring, where players take part in an online 32-man tournament and earn points based off their performance. Several other modes include WAR, an online player vs player mode, and team-based Battleground matches.

The only initial mode available to players is the super fun and frenetic WILD mode, where simple singles and tag matches take place. This mode is the most effective way to collect new cards, as each successful battle will allow you a ‘draft pick’, where you have a chance at obtaining new and rare cards.

Unfortunately, the card collection process comes with a slight caveat – while microtransactions aren’t necessary, they’re important to gaining more powerful cards and battling your way through modes like Money in the Bank and WAR.

While my draft picks yielded lower-powered base cards with stats in the 100s-200s, purchasing the brand new Valentine’s Day event packs, Mixed Match Challenge packs and Deluxe+ packs yielded cards with stats in their 10,000s-20,000s.

The vast difference between them was a little startling, as they allowed me to tear through most competitions. Thankfully, the offline system is somewhat balanced, as opponents generally level with your higher-powered characters. Online, however, is another story.

Here, you can come across character cards in their 40,000s in one-on-one battles, rendering each of your cards practically useless. The temptation to drop more cash on further higher-powered packs is absolutely present, as gameplay is fun and addicting enough to encourage it. A degree of caution is encouraged in this department, as some packs can be overly expensive.

Despite this, WWE SuperCard represents a widely accessible and ultimately rewarding mobile game with ridiculous, over the top gameplay, tongue-in-cheek humour and no small amount of fun. For WWE fans and casual fans alike, WWE SuperCard is a worthy and enjoyable mobile title, with a range of great events to keep it fresh and exciting.

For more information about upcoming events and new promo card packs, visit the WWE SuperCard hubs on Twitter or Facebook.

Valentine’s Day and Season 4 SuperCard promotional codes were provided by the lovely folks at 2K Games.


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