6 tips to quickly building a competitive Hearthstone deck

Hearthstone is technically a free-to-play game but it can be a pretty tough grind when you get started. It can be tempting and far too easy to splurge a bunch of cash on card packets, chasing the legendary cards needed to give your deck the edge over the competition. Here we have 7 tips to help you avoid wasting your hard earned cash and still build some decks that will allow you to compete against the best.

1. Complete the Daily Challenges

This is the most obvious way to start picking up some gold, which can be spent on some new card packs. Every day you will be offered a new challenge, which can range from winning 3 games, winning a quota of matches with a certain class or playing a certain number of spell cards. If you don’t like a particular challenge you can mulligan on it and get another one; be careful though there is a limit to how many times you can do this. If you keep track of these and complete them every day, you will see your gold reserves climbing quickly. Pro-tip make sure you have added any of your buddies who are also playing as you can often earn a free pack just by watching them win a match.

2. Play the New Tavern Brawl Mode

Not only is the Tavern Brawl a hell of a lot of fun with, offering the chance to access card that you may not have earned and unique deck sets. The play style favours luck and randomness and is a great way for new players to have a lot of fun. It is also a quick way to bust open some new card packs. Every week there is a new Tavern Brawl mode and all you need to do is win one game to earn yourself a fresh deck of cards.

3. Dust Your Gold Cards

Yeah so your gold Hungry Crab looks pretty snazzy up with its animated pincers. Don’t be a chump, dust it; you aren’t going to use it and it’s worth 400 dust you can use to build a key card for your deck. You’ll be feeling a lot more content with Dr Boom sitting in your hand than some fancy card animated card. This rule doesn’t apply every time, if you pull a gold card that you are going to regularly run in your deck and don’t have a replacement on hand for it hold onto it, use common sense.

Them brand new Dr Balanced feels

4. Figure Out Your Play Style Quickly

Chances are you probably aren’t going to enjoy playing as every different card class in the game. I personally can’t stand the slow paced style of the Priest and the Warrior decks, so I dusted all of the cards for these classes. This clears up a lot of dust that you can allocate towards classes that you enjoy playing with. Just take the time to test out all of the different classes and see what works best for you, as with all Blizzard games they are pretty well balanced, with only the Shaman sitting a bit out of the meta at the moment, but as the Goblins V Gnomes expansion showed with the Paladin it only takes a few new cards to change that.

One card can make all the difference sometimes; not here though.

5. Grind

Just playing the game frequently will give you solid rewards, every three games you win rewards you with an extra 10 gold which can contribute towards new card packs or Arena runs. It may not seem like a lot but when you earn it on top of your daily challenge awards it begins to stack up quickly.

6. Compete In The Arena

The Arena can be a cruel place for new, it costs a lot to enter at 150 gold and bombing out can reward you with only a single pack of cards and a measly helping of dust. Once you get the hang of it though it can reward you with legendary cards and copious amounts of gold and dust. It is worth doing your research and checking out the guides that have been developed by the professionals. Icy Veins and 2p.com have some great guides to get you started.

Choose your deck carefully. The Mage offers some great removal spells like Flamestrike

For more on Hearthstone, head to: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/


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