10 Most Iconic Jewels Worn In Hollywood Movies

The magic of Hollywood never fails to create new trends with statement pieces of jewelry that can influence an entire generation. Beautiful bling can add a dash of drama to an outfit and create looks that become a forever thing among fashionistas who draw inspiration from movies. Today we are going to take a look at some such timeless pieces which has inspired the fashion scene with their sheer opulence.

Gone With The Wind 

Scarlett O’Hara gave massive fashion goals with her emerald earrings and brooch in the 1940s Hollywood classic. This movie created the style of wearing chunky jewelry but the brooch belonging to the costume designer’s mother stood out from the rest. It featured a figure riding a bird and added impetus to the trend of sporting heritage pieces.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The world went crazy about blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe during her youth and this movie showcased her stellar beauty accentuated to perfection with a 24.4-carat diamond adorning the center of an exquisite neckpiece. Centuries before this pear-shaped yellow canary Moon of Baroda diamond was adorned by Marie Antoinette and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

This 1960s movie has made its way in the golden book for fashion for multiple reasons starting with the iconic black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn and her spot-on jewelry. Her character Holly wrapped beautiful pearl necklaces throughout the movie but a four-string number connected with a Swarovski crystal brooch made history. It looked utterly elegant and stunning from the front and came with a chic twist at the back. The pearl necklace aligned perfectly with the back of Holly’s dress by falling low on her back. This ground-breaking style was ahead of its time which is why it is replicated even by modern-day fashionistas to date. 

The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan portrayed the character of Daisy Buchanan who was obsessed with wearing pearls throughout the length of the movie. The movie painted an extravagant picture with lush jewelry pieces, be it expensive pearl necklaces or drop pendants adorning headbands. However, the most iconic one surely was a set of matching bracelets featuring pieces of diamonds and platinum. 

Pretty Woman 

The diamond and ruby custom-designed necklace stole the thunder in this 90’s classic as Julia Roberts graced the screen looking like an absolute vision. French jeweler Fred Joaillier designed this necklace which boasted 23 pear-cut rubies adorned with diamond hearts having an estimated worth of $1.35 million. 

The Devil Wears Prada

This 2006 film was adored by fashionistas around the globe as they marveled at the transition of Andy portrayed by Anne Hathaway who was in desperate need of a makeover. Her most iconic look was the one in a black and white outfit accentuated to perfection with a tweed Gatsby hat and ultra-long mish-mash necklace with Chanel’s logo and an array of pearls and pendants in different sizes. The viewers were left in awe with this massive facelift of Andy the fresh college graduate from dowdy to an ultra-glamorous woman.


Kate Winslet looked ethereal wearing the “The Heart of the Ocean” necklace in this tragic love story. The blue diamond necklace was believed to be owned by King Louis XVI and was reshaped into a heart following the French Revolution. The timeless neckpiece is comprised of cubic zirconia encrusted in white gold and adorned with mini diamonds for a breathtakingly beautiful look.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 

A whopping $5 million went into the crafting of a customized Isadora diamond necklace worn by Kate Hudson in this romantic comedy. While several jewels were donned throughout the movie the stunning 84-carat yellow piece with an assortment of multi-hued diamonds stands out as the centerpiece which lit up the movie climax. 

Sex And The City

Sarah Jessica Parker ushered in a trend of sporting black diamonds with her statement ring which was highlighted throughout the movie. The 5-carat ring comprised of 80 pave diamonds encrusted in 18k white gold and was designed under the combined efforts of Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Field, and jewelry designer Itay Malkin. 

Jewelry has evolved into an integral part of Hollywood fashion and its heroines have graced the silver screen with redefined statement jewelry since time immemorial.  But the ones listed above have been engraved in the holy grail of fashion.