Watch feeding time with Rocky the Saltwater Crocodile from the comfort of your own home

The doors might be closed thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s still business as usual for the Keepers and residents at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, including their 365kg Saltwater Crocodile Rocky

With that in mind, the Keepers are going to be holding the first ever live stream of Rocky the Crocodile’s feeding time. With many of you keeping your children home from school, and with school’s in some states closing, this should help break up the afternoon and to help keep the kids (and adults) entertained and educated.

So tune in from 2:30pm AEDT on Wednesday March 25th for a live Q&A with Keepers Caroline, Ashley and Sofia and then the feed. So if you’ve got any questions or always wanted to know more about Rocky and crocodiles now’s your chance.

You can tune in to the live stream on the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Facebook page HERE

Simon Clark

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