Luke Hemmings brings the Nostalgia For A Time That Never Existed Tour back home – The Palais Theatre, Melbourne (12.06.24)

Luke Hemmings‘ show in Melbourne on Wednesday, June 12th, marked a significant milestone in his career. This was his first solo performance in Australia, a highly anticipated event for fans of the frontman of the beloved Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer. The band’s latest album was released in 2022, while Luke’s solo journey began with his 2021 album, When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, followed by his recent EP, Boy, which has been met with rave reviews.

The sold-out crowd at Melbourne’s iconic Palais Theatre was buzzing with excitement, eager to witness Luke’s Nostalgia For A Time That Never Existed tour. The evening began with an enchanting performance by Annie Hamilton, who captivated the audience with her powerful voice and electric guitar, despite being a solo act on stage. Sporting black angel wings, Annie delivered a stripped-back yet impactful set, winning over hundreds of new fans. Her attempt to airdrop an upcoming single to the crowd might have failed, but her poised and charismatic presence ensured that the audience remained engaged and appreciative.

Luke then took to the stage, donning his signature glittery eye makeup and oversized button-up. Opening with “A Beautiful Dream”, he seamlessly transitioned into “Motion”, “Close My Eyes”, and “Saigon”. Backed by a small but exceptionally talented band, the sound was incredible, and Luke’s strong vocals highlighted how much he has evolved since his early days with 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke’s connection with the audience was palpable as he greeted the crowd and expressed his excitement about performing solo in his home country. His Aussie accent, stronger than ever, added a layer of authenticity to his heartfelt interactions. Though moments without his 5SOS bandmates felt a bit awkward, they were refreshingly raw and honest.

The setlist continued with “Diamonds”, “Place in Me”, and “Benny”, each song met with enthusiastic swaying and dancing from the audience. It was so lovely to see such a mixed demographic in the audience, with everyone being fully immersed in the music, including the parents who had clearly been dragged along.

In a touching moment, Luke reminisced about his times with 5SOS, calling them “the greatest band in the world” and sharing a beloved memory from 2011. He recounted their first trip to Melbourne when the venue they were playing at collapsed into a sinkhole, forcing them to perform at a local school gym, a tale that resonates deeply with long-time fans. Luke’s tribute to his mum, who played a crucial role in that early adventure and continues to support him, was especially poignant. Performing “Mum”, dedicated to his mother who was present in the audience, underscored the personal nature of his solo work.

As the night progressed, songs like “Promises” and “Baby Blue” kept the energy high, culminating in a delightful cover of The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”, before which Luke said “If you’re here with a date, now’s your time to make a move” and encouraged the crowd to dance. This cover got everyone off their feet and it was clear that the parents in audience were loving it.

The final stretch of the show featured “Garden Life”, “Shakes”, and “I’m Still Your Boy”, before Luke returned for an encore with his hit “Starting Line”. The Palais Theatre’s iconic disco ball added to the groovy and fun atmosphere, enhancing the visual and auditory experience.

Seeing Luke Hemmings flourish as a solo artist was a gratifying experience. His music has matured, and his live performance exceeded expectations, showcasing his undeniable talent and growth. Whether you’re a long-time 5SOS fan or new to his music, Hemmings’ solo work is a revelation. Don’t miss the chance to catch his Nostalgia For A Time That Never Existed tour—it’s an experience that will leave you in awe.


Photo Credit: Eloise Coomber – you can see more of Eloise’s photos from the night HERE