Travel Diary: Adelaide avant-pop band Ghyti take us on their Canadian adventures

Last year, Adelaide avant-pop band Ghyti took their particular brand of alternative rock to Toronto for the Canadian Music Week festival. They have written a detailed yet entirely unreliable account of the tour, and sent it to us with a selection of grainy smartphone photos. Behold!


Flying. Lots of flying. Once upon a time, mankind considered flight to be a mysterious marvel, beyond our reach. Not anymore. Now we see it as an opportunity to catch up on the early episodes of Frasier and that Dave Grohl documentary series everyone was talking about. It comes with the chance to sleep sitting up and a constant supply of microwave meals. But still… views.


Registration. Sign here, here, and initial here. And just like that, we exist.

Sightseeing. The CN Tower dominates the Toronto skyline. An imposing, one might say towering structure, it features in every photo ever taken of the city. Except for this one, of course, which was taken inside it.


First showcase playing The Rivoli. We got an email the day of the show offering us a spot to play. So did every other band on the bill. Audience was “at a premium”, but much fun was had by all. Besides, the bar staff told us which venues to hit up while in town. Bartender advice is always the best advice.


Loud, wet and dangerous! But behind us is Niagara Falls.

And later…

Nick: “Hey, do you guys follow baseball?”
Travis: “I like baseball.”
Luke: “I’ve heard of baseball.”
Matt: “They sell hotdogs there, right?”

Something for everyone at Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees.


Television. We hired a car and took a harrowing drive on the wrong side of the road (seriously, how do they not have more accidents in Canada?) to the studios of Rogers TV. Our flawless performance of Radio Unfriendly and our confidently informative interview were nevertheless overshadowed by the appearance of the world’s most charismatic dog. Defeated by the superior species yet again!


Our second showcase, at Johnny Jackson. A great night, and a great lineup, also featuring the world’s best stage manager (nice one, Doug!). Everyone agreed this night should forever be described as ‘awesome’, although mainly because that is the Official Canadian Adjective, as ruled by parliament in 1987: “And hence forth, every one, every idea, and every thing shall be described as ‘awesome’ until such time as ‘radical’ really catches on!”


The Aussie BBQ at the Horseshoe Tavern. Alongside the likes of Ash Grunwald, Oliver’s Army, and Caitlin Harnett, we played a belter, albeit distracted by the sausages and lamingtons doing the rounds. Who knew that watermelon, feta, and coriander is such an amazing combination? We had to go Canada to learn this.


International marketplace. Our EP goes into battle with the onslaught of promotional material in the basement of the Sheraton. When last we saw, it seemed to be doing ok. Godspeed, little guy.

‘Networking’ at the AB + Planetary day party. You get through however you can, right?

And just like that, CMW was over. Somehow 8 days seemed to pass differently, especially since we were in Toronto for 13. Ah, but history is written by the winner, so who needs accuracy? Farewell Canada. You were radical.


For more updates on the band, follow their social pages!

Air Canada fly daily non-stop to Canada from Sydney and Brisbane.


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