Nespresso level up their permanent collection with “Barista Creations”

In response to a recent survey that found 88% of Australians preferred having their coffee with milk, Nespresso have readied a new range of five blends for their Original and Vertuo machines, each designed especially for that creamy shot of dairy (or soy, of course).

The range comes from six years of Nespresso experts exploring the interactions between coffee and milk, attempting to produce the five most perfect profiles as part of a new permanent “Barista Creations” range.

“In Australia, we love to think of ourselves as coffee connoisseurs, so it came as no surprise to learn that consumers, particularly Australians, have different preferences for how they like their coffee with milk”, explained Nespresso Ambassador Mitch Monaghan. “A team of coffee roasters, sensory experts, professional baristas, food scientists and engineers tested over 20,000 Cappuccinos from 18 different coffee regions, producing more than 120 different coffee prototypes determined to find the key attributes of a coffee blend made to drunk with milk”.

The range, which was made available across the country last month, includes “Bianco Forte” which is said to strike the ideal balance between soy or dairy milk and roasted coffee notes with intense, roasted and well balanced notes; the “Biano Leggero” that smooths it down with caramel and biscuit notes, best used as a double cappuccino; the “Corto” with is darker, spicier and smoky when drunk with milk; the “Scuro”, suggested as a Cappucino with intense, roasted notes; and the “Chiaro”, sweeter in style with an ultra-light roast and caramel and biscuit notes.

You can check out the full range and more information over at

Chris Singh

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